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 Review of Hypersonic XLC @ Kings Dominion
0 Rating Posted by: benleibo on 8/16/2004 4:14:00 PM
In terms of forces, Hypersonic: XLC is the KING OF ALL COASTERS! It accelerates over a very short stretch of track and the geforce on the launch is much more powerful than TTDs and rivals the forces on Hulks. The airtime over the top is incredible, and so is the airtime on the last airtime hill on the return trip. The forces are the best part of the ride. Another cool twist is that it launches well after the noises and the traffic light indicate, catching you off guard. However, I have two large problems with this ride that keep it out of my top ten. It reaches 80 mph and can go up a much higher first vertical. However, they used brakes and the end of the flat track and on the way up so that they could make a lower max height. The height of the coaster just isnt all that scary. The other is the length. If it had one or two more airtime hills it might have gotten a 10. Still an amazing experience for someone who loves positive and negative gs.

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Waitj786 on 1/4/2005 4:31:02 PM said:
i ggot one more bad thing about this ride for ya, line cutters. They r out of control, this park is horrible with controling line cutters.
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