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 Review of Mr. Freeze @ Six Flags St. Louis
0 Rating Posted by: rct247 on 8/8/2004 11:41:00 AM
I didnt like the Mr. Freeze in St. Louis as much as I did at Six Flags over Texas. The themeing was horrible compared to the Alrington version. Luckily I caught the ride early before the line got long. While standing in the station, they didnt play any music. (Hard to remember wheather SFoT has music which I think it does) and the safety speil was a horrible computer voice. Standing at the station was boring. I finally got on the ride. The launch was great of course as well as the forward part but backwards was really rough. Mr. Freeze actually hurt. How can that be? I guess the cold winters and hot summers really takes its toll on the coaster. I wasnt very impressed with the ride but it is still a great coaster. Six Flags over Texas has a better version.

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katydid on 8/8/2004 3:01:57 PM said:
I thought the theming on their batman ride was pretty poor also. Considering they only have a handfull of coasters you think they would step it up on the theming.
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