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 Review of Sky Lift @ Stone Mountain Park
1 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 8/7/2004 10:22:00 PM
Update time... I visited Stone Mountain once again today, my first such trip in quite a while. Though I was disappointed that the train was not running, I was still glad to be albe to ride the sky lift. Redone right before the 96 Olympics (the Olympic torch was among the first passengers on the redesign), the new station is improved to me. The sky car is the same, I believe, a classic Von Roll gondola transport. A little bigger than the old gondolas (still on display in the lower part), they are nice, roomy, and a great way to quickly ascend the largest boulder in the east. After gladly forking over the $7 to climb up 500 feet, we boarded. On the way up, you get fantastic views. The carving is still amazing, better than the artists works in South Dakota to me, depicting three illustrious Confederate heroes of the Civil War, President Jefferson Davis, and Generals Thomas Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. The scupture itself, alone a big chunk of the ride experience, is doing fairly well, though a bit of wear is evident. The views are awesome -- you can see probably 50-60 miles in either direction, from the skyscrapers in downtown Atlanta, to the foothills of the Appalacians in North Georgia, to the battlefields of Kennesaw Mountain (another favorite historic site of mine, easily 30-40 miles away). Overall, the ride is enjoyable, and at 5PM (when we rode), it provided an awesome view as the sun had approached the horizon, with its orange blazing color shining upon all of the trees and such, and the view up top is, again, spectacular, and the mountain itself, with its sheer drops and massive volume, really is awesome. I recommend that anyone who visits Atlanta shoudl visit Stone Mt. Park, and either take the Skycar to the top, or the train around the park (or preferably, do both!). Worth a 9 as my favorie sky car experience, edging out Busch Gardens Tampas sky ride across the Serengeti lands.

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BobFunland on 2/5/2005 8:54:55 PM said:
Re-visited the park, updated the review 8)
Scott on 2/5/2005 9:32:39 PM said:
Good, Good review Glad you enjoyed it.
coasterSS on 2/5/2005 10:09:29 PM said:
Good review Bob!!!
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