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 Review of Tower of Terror @ California Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: disneyman on 8/1/2004 1:44:00 AM
Wow. Great ride. From when you enter the line to when the ride ends, everything about the ride is great. The theming, the ride, the story, just the overall atmosphere. It all starts when you walk into the abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel. You walk into the library, and the television turns on, with Rod Sterling giving you a bit of an intro to the ride. You are told that over 50 years ago, the hotel was hit by lightning, and five guests who were in one of the elevators were sent plunging into the 5th Dimension, or "The Twilight Zone". This is the only part they could have changed: after the library, you go into another line in the boiler room. Instead, you should just go straight to the elevator from the library, and have a bigger line in the lobby. But, from the boiler room you enter the ride car, and the rest of the ride is perfect. You soon notice that you are the passengers in "a most unusual elevator". You go up a few floors, the doors open, and you see a mirror. You are told to "say goodbye to the real world." This, in my opinion, is the best part. Soon, your figure disappears, and all you see is an empty elevator. Suddenly, the elevator moves, making you think that youre starting a long drop, but you only go down a floor. There, you learn exactly what happened to the five people who disappeared. You learn that their fate will soon be repeated, only you will become the victim. They soon disappear, the hallway darkens, and all you can see is the other elevator at the end of the hall. The doors open to the elevator, and you see the five people who disappeared. Their elevator soon starts to shake, and plunges, right before your elevator. You go through a series of drops and launches, and right before the last drop, get a great view of the resort from the top, where a camera takes your photo, right before dropping.
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