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 Review of Indiana Jones Adventure @ Disneyland Park
0 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 7/22/2004 4:23:00 PM
The Indiana Jones Adventure is hands-down my favorite experience at the entire Disneyland Resort. The outside queue line is very lushly themed, but its the inside of the queue where the theming really takes over. Every detail is perfectly realized, from the bat cave to the hallway with falling spikes to the excavation site. But the ride itself is unbelievable. The vehicles are 12-person troop transports that bounce around in every possible direction like a simulator, but this is no simulator ride. The cars move along a track through some amazing sets. You begin by selecting one of three doors (fountain of youth, eternal riches, or future knowledge), but once inside someone in the car just has to look into the eyes of Mara, and the entire car is cursed. Indiana Jones saves us from the gateway to doom, but then we must survive the rooms full of skeletons, skulls, and mummies, spiders and snakes, and a rickety suspension bridge. As if that werent enough, we charge through a hallway with poisonous darts being shot at us, and then encounter the famous rolling boulder heading straight toward us. Every second of this ride is jam-packed with details, and it is very wild and thrilling. This is a must-ride experience. Disneylands best!
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