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 Review of Sky Slide @ Knoebels
0 Rating Posted by: Knoebels on 6/24/2004 6:55:00 PM
A very fun ride...for anyone in particular, just as long as you dont mind climbing about 4 stories up.

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*FreeBird* on 6/26/2004 4:35:20 PM said:
I guess I shouldnt bother, im 17.
coaster05 on 6/26/2004 4:37:45 PM said:
i think you should ride it once its pretty fun only .60 cents and it feels like your own roller coaster tycoon
Knoebels on 6/26/2004 9:20:57 PM said:
Yeah, really. It is staright out of RCT and forget what I said, *FreeBird*, go on it (if they let you on ).
*FreeBird* on 6/27/2004 1:43:38 AM said:
I went on it when I was little so I think I should go on it again just for fun. Im pretty sure theres no age limit because my dad used to go on it with me.
coaster05 on 6/27/2004 10:10:42 AM said:
yeah they let me on it at 6 foot tall and thirty years old so im sure there is no cutoff.
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