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 Review of Disaster Transport @ Cedar Point
1 Rating Posted by: benleibo on 5/31/2004 10:49:00 AM
Not too bad. About what I expected. In fact, I would have given this coaster a very high rating if it was just a little longer. This was my first bobsled coaster, and I was pleasantly surprised about its amazing smoothness. The drops in the dark are cool and so are the lighting effects. Dont buy the 3D glasses though. It was cool of Cedar Point to attempt a themed attraction, but the theming could have been more thorough. The ride is a nice change of pace though. Very good, just wish it was longer.

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coasterlvr on 6/16/2004 6:02:47 PM said:
I applaud you. Exactly, the theming is a good idea/attempt, but it doesnt work out.
MovieCoast on 6/17/2004 9:28:27 AM said:
I felt that the train went by too fast to catch any themeing.
katydid on 6/17/2004 9:54:22 AM said:
The theming is really bad so bad its actually funny, but it doesnt really bother me though I just go for the ride. I still cant figure out what the theme is exactly supposed to be. At least it gives you something to ponder while you stand in line.
benleibo on 6/17/2004 2:33:19 PM said:
I kind of agree that the theme is really vague. Ive gone to websites and heard everything from a spaceship that gets lost to a missing Alaskan tranport. Ha. Although Im pretty sure its a space transport that gets wrecked.
adriahna on 6/17/2004 4:01:52 PM said:
Like my brother said after we got off DT, "I think theyre trying to say, This is a space shuttle. Welcome to Alaska!" Awesome.
katydid on 6/23/2004 2:49:27 PM said:
LOL yeah I dont get the whole Alaska thing. I mean if its supposed to be a spaceship like ride, what does Alaska have to do with it? It makes no sense, but ya gotta give CP some credit, I mean I dont know of any other parks that incorporate Alaska into a space themed ride lol.
adriahna on 6/23/2004 3:52:45 PM said:
Very true - it is definitely original.
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