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 Review of Spider @ Lagoon
-1 Rating Posted by: fredsmith2 on 5/10/2004 8:50:00 PM
This is incorrectly classified as a "steel coaster." It should be classified as a "wild mouse coaster." And, that is my problem with this ride...they spent a ton of money on it, and it would have been much better as a traditional small coaster. Instead, it is just a glorified spinny ride on a wild mouse track.

I hated it, but kids 18 and under all seem to love it.

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coolstud on 5/18/2004 10:59:45 PM said:
The "STEEL COASTER" is a really fun ride I agree its like a "wild mouse track" but how do you know that they spent tons of money on it.
Swimace on 10/5/2004 8:55:19 PM said:
It cost 3 million dollars which is relitively cheap for a coaster. Also, if its made of steel, then its a steel coaster
coolstud on 10/17/2004 9:15:27 PM said:
Yea my point exactly,thanks
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