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 Review of Villain, The @ Geauga Lake
0 Rating Posted by: theMonster on 5/4/2004 4:05:00 PM
This wasnt overly impressive. The Wolfbobs are better in my opinion.

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taylorb251 on 6/2/2004 2:44:26 PM said:
you dont know what you are talking about. This is the 3rd best woody in the state and that says alot. Ride it again or maybe ride it for the first time.
sfo1 on 6/6/2004 2:33:59 PM said:
I agree. Wolfbobs BETTER than Villain? Whoa, I dont se that ever happening. Its your opinion though...
theMonster on 6/7/2004 6:16:36 PM said:
You are all assholes
taylorb251 on 6/8/2004 5:23:17 PM said:
Good job sticking up for your self there monster.... What a puss.
sfo1 on 6/12/2004 12:22:05 AM said:
Thank you very much theMonster, I take that as a compliment.
bumprnugit on 7/24/2004 3:15:09 AM said:
Hey, lay off theMonster; I remember drinking my first beer in my parents basement...
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