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 Review of Phantoms Revenge @ Kennywood
-2 Rating Posted by: theMonster on 5/3/2004 8:31:00 PM
Im giving this ride a 6 and only that high because the second drop is a pretty neat one because it goes over the cliff and you get some airtime on a couple of camel-humps. This coaster otherwise is only average at best. Its not that fast, theres no loops, not that tall and no big gs. Great "big" ride for kids.

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PhantomNik on 5/5/2004 10:19:36 AM said:
Hmmmm, thats pretty interesting that hills of 160 and 230 feet qualify as "not that tall" and 80+ mph is "not that fast". Give me a break! By the way, just because a coaster doesnt have loops, that doesnt mean its inferior. Odd that a guy who has MF at Cedar Point as his #1 would make such a comment.
theMonster on 5/5/2004 1:54:00 PM said:
Sorry, I just didnt find it that thrilling. I thought the Magnum at Cedar Point was a lot better than the Phantom.
PhantomNik on 5/5/2004 2:00:43 PM said:
Fair enough....I too like Magnum. It gives a great ride and has a great setting! Its my 2nd favorite hyper behind Phantoms Revenge.
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