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 Review of Time Warp @ Six Flags New England
0 Rating Posted by: BuffMan on 4/27/2004 7:14:00 PM
Very fun, but in the picture of it on the website, its not inverted. The one I went on was inverted. What happened, or am I thinking of the wrong ride?

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ibluv on 11/29/2004 10:42:13 PM said:
As far as I know, the Timewarp is inverted. I dont know what ride that was on the website.
skierman on 4/7/2005 9:47:54 PM said:
Yes, time warp definetely is inverted. I dont see any pics of anyhting on the site.
ibluv on 4/8/2005 5:26:17 PM said:
Maybe itLs a pic of a ride at another SF park.
sfo1 on 5/27/2005 11:29:20 PM said:
Probably what ibluv said...Six Flags is known for advertising other rides in place of the actual thing. I remember they showed a picture of S:UF in place of X-Flight on their website when they owned Geauga Lake.
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