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 Review of Terminator 2: 3-D Battle Across Time @ Universal Studios Florida
-1 Rating Posted by: ametz on 4/8/2004 2:47:00 AM
Average and dated. Plain and simple. Shaquelle ONeill (pardon the spelling) shooting free throws in a Orlando Magic Uniform. How long ago was that?!? And thats just the preshow...Where, I might add, youre stuffed in like Sardines and it seems every time Ive been there people have smalled BAD. Mediocre 3-D and cheesy acting make this "lame-o central!!"

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praxis on 4/8/2004 6:19:01 PM said:
Shaquille ONeal (you were close) making a free throw is always funny - talk about science fiction! If this didnt do it for you... well, ok, but dag. I find it a little hard to believe anyone could describe a James Cameron flick as "lame-o central". Hes a director with a real talent for action and storytelling, and for using 3-d not for the usual tricks, but to add a layer of depth (as seen also in his recent 3-d documentary about exploring the wreckage of the Titanic). I guess you didnt dig it, but I found it WAY better than the T3 movie, and hope Cameron gets back behind the camera again.
ametz on 4/8/2004 11:09:53 PM said:
I can see where youre coming from, praxis (Klingon Moon, right?). Question, did James Cameron have anything to do with the filming and creation of this 3-D movie? Seriously--I dont know. but you have to admit, they really need to update some of the main aspects of the whole thing (preshow, especially).
praxis on 4/9/2004 7:51:43 AM said:
Cameron directed the attraction, and it is the real T2 stars (ahnuld, linda hamilton, eddie furlough) in it. While a few preshow parts are a bit dated (the Murder She Wrote gag refers to a now extinct USF attraction), but great flicks are kinda timeless. Though the back to the future ride may soon have to tweak how far into the future it is when you encounter the flying cars...
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