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 Review of Men In Black Alien Attack @ Universal Studios Florida
-1 Rating Posted by: ametz on 4/8/2004 2:40:00 AM
Im probably going to ge ripped for this, but I do not like this "experience." Its not a ride because it involves rider participation by shooting aliens and competing against the other car while youre beng driven around what I can only call "alien cartoon land." The only good part is why youre in line and the aliens are having a coffee break in a room talking smack to the crowd. Great animatronics there, IN LINE, but nowhere else is the "experience" this good. Sorry.

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praxis on 4/8/2004 6:20:58 PM said:
I dont get it... hows being interactive make it not a ride? Youre sitting in a car that moves, right?
ametz on 4/8/2004 9:51:38 PM said:
I would define a "ride" as something where the rider has no conrol at all and they are at the whim of the car/vehicle theyre in/on. This is an "experience" and it is marketed as such. Its appeal is supposed to be the fact that youre competing with other players and shooting aliens with the opportunity to spin the other players car. So, others and yourself have some control over what happens. But, with that explained, this is still a lame "experience" that has fallen way short of its potential with horriblle effects (rubber and latex popping-up aliens...whoopeeeee) and a bad story and setup.
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