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 Review of Trolley @ Lake Compounce
-1 Rating Posted by: jme on 4/5/2004 1:40:00 PM
What a great ride. Not super fast or anything, but definitely a relaxing alternative.

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praxis on 5/10/2004 6:03:17 PM said:
If this is the best ride youve ever been on, you should get out more.
Lin48 on 6/19/2005 5:16:18 PM said:
^Id almost say the same, but if youre really into Trolleys, you must admit that this is where its at.
mrceagle on 6/19/2005 8:09:23 PM said:
He never said it was the best ride hes been on. Many poster liek myself rate rides for what they area so evena small ride can get a ten if its good enough. sure it may not compair to a coaster but its still fun ride and a nice way to get to the back of the park.
praxis on 6/19/2005 9:55:08 PM said:
Well, it is jmes ride #1... not that there are a lot on the TPC list (so far)
mrceagle on 6/20/2005 1:21:05 AM said:
He has no traker and only 3 reavews. I dont think hes caught up. give him time.
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