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 Review of Incredible Hulk Coaster @ Islands of Adventure
-1 Rating Posted by: ametz on 4/5/2004 1:01:00 AM
Too short, bangs your head around, and lacks that extra "something." Maybe I was bittered by the fact that I paid over 50 bucks for a park that I can get through in 4 hours! Either way, Hulk is WAYYYYY overrated in my book and Ive ridden quite a few coasters.

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BobFunland on 4/5/2004 10:23:15 PM said:
I agree, the park price is high, but I dont recall the Hulk banging me around... it seemed pretty smooth, unless you thought that the layout was "too" twisted
praxis on 4/7/2004 9:40:35 PM said:
The only way I can see hulk as a headbanging ride is if you dont keep yer noggin back against the headrest at the beginning. Inertia >would< give you a pretty hard whack in that case.
Horizons12 on 4/8/2004 7:03:32 PM said:
Ill agree with ametz in that I also got banged around quite a bit on this. I think Hulk was way overhyped too, Medusa at SFGAdv is much better IMO.
tacoking on 4/8/2004 10:55:14 PM said:
The Hulk? Rough? Yeah right. This ride has almost no head banging. The price is right (Great show) for the park because most of the rides you can ride again, again, and again and never get bored of them.
Horizons12 on 4/9/2004 2:44:41 PM said:
Almost no head banging? You Floridians must have lower standards of smoothness on coasters than up here in the NE! lol. Ill say that Hulk is about as rough as Batman: The Ride at SFGAdv.
praxis on 4/9/2004 2:53:33 PM said:
Heck, I didnt think there was much headbanging on Batman, either... at least not the one at SFNE.
BobFunland on 4/9/2004 4:16:21 PM said:
I didnt think either the Hulk nor BTR were rough- I thought that they were both pretty smooth.
Horizons12 on 4/10/2004 10:55:15 PM said:
I guess Im just used to Nitro, Medusa, and Talon smoothness. Those three rides are smoother than ice.
tacoking on 4/12/2004 7:05:24 PM said:
BTR at SFGAm is quite smooth too.
Danny on 4/27/2004 5:36:11 PM said:
I havent ridden the Hulk since February of last year, and it wasnt rough at all. Unfortunately, I have read in several places that the ride has not only gotten rough, but desperately needs a paint job.
Jason07 on 5/26/2004 8:53:35 PM said:
I rode the Hulk this past weekend and it wasnt rough at all. It was very smooth and I didnt bang my head around at all going through the inversions.
Swimace on 5/27/2004 5:39:43 PM said:
I went to IOA in February, and yes, Hulk needs a paint job REALLY BADLY. Thats one of the downsides of having a park that is opened all year.
Jason07 on 5/27/2004 9:22:44 PM said:
Well they are painting the Hulk each and every night. Sometimes it takes a while for he paint to dry so they let it dry a few hours into the day, but when I was there it was open all day. The new paint job looks really good, amazing ride.
MagnumMan on 9/23/2004 12:39:51 PM said:
OK. This ride was not rough. Maybe you caught it on a bad day (every coaster has one every once in a while). I thought the ride was smooth as glass, myself.

BTW: You cant blame USF for only having enough room to make a small park. Stop complaining and enjoy whats in it...as it is one of the best parks in the world, regardless of its size.
BobFunland on 9/23/2004 1:19:58 PM said:
I didnt think that it was too small- I mean its no Mega-park like Disney, but it was the best theme park that Ive ever been to, and certainly worth th price of admission.
MagnumMan on 9/23/2004 6:13:22 PM said:
I didnt even spend an entire day there and I still find the place exceptional and my 3rd favorite park.
embalmer on 9/23/2004 7:28:09 PM said:
You might have caught a particular ride on the hulk which could have been rougher than the rest, i still think you have to ride any ride more than once and in the different trains if you want to analyze it. I think the hulk is smooth, good ride, but somewhat overrated. Your not going to get away cheap any where in florida.
BobFunland on 9/23/2004 7:40:06 PM said:
embalmer- I saw that you gave Hulk a 7 and said something along the lines of If you want a real coaster, go to Cedar Point". I have to agree that Cedar has some good coasters (and a really good one in Millennium Force), I wouldnt classify the Hulk as not a real coaster- the launch is more intense than any of the coasters at CP (yes, including TTD in my opinion), and its certainly not some kiddie coaster. What exactly did you mean by that?
papa1958 on 9/24/2004 11:05:09 AM said:
Ametz review is hard to understand. First, Hulk is not much of a headbanger as long as you keep your head back. If Anetz has ridden a lot of coasters he should know how to ride a looper. Second, its not any shorter than any other B&M coasters of this type. Third, if he could do Island of Adventure in four hours he must have been on amphedimines. Its a full-sized park that at least takes a full day to do unless he decided that half the attractions were not worth his time.
BobFunland on 9/24/2004 1:21:56 PM said:
I took two days myself, but did cover large portions of the park in each day. Personally, I think that you should take a few days, but thats just me. IOA rocked, and there was plenty to do.
embalmer on 9/24/2004 7:08:35 PM said:
I meant the hulks launch is not as intense as top thrill dragster. I dont recall the hulk launch to be incredible or that fast, there is no way it could even compare unless 50 mph is close to 120 along with the tremendous torque felt. I seriously doubt if many will agree with you on the launch on the hulk coming close to ttd. I dont think its a kiddie coaster, but cant make me smile like millennium force by a long shot.
embalmer on 9/24/2004 7:34:26 PM said:
Hello Bob, If you didnt have the opportunity to sit in the front car you should try it next time. You should feel the best effect of the launch with a wind storm on your upper body you wont forget. 120 mph in 3.8 seconds within 600 feet is comparative to very good dragster.
BobFunland on 9/25/2004 12:52:42 AM said:
Of course the Hulks launch wont seem as fast- it is going up a hill and its not a hydraulic thrust, but the uphill forces and the launch into the zero-G roll make me think that it is much better than TTDs launch.
embalmer on 9/25/2004 7:29:41 PM said:
Wont seem as fast? Thats because the Hulk is 80 MPH SLOWER.
If the variable you stated pertaining to the incline of the hill and the zero-g roll compensate that well perhaps the R@D department at Intamin AG could use that as input to develop a more powerful launch.
MagnumMan on 9/27/2004 3:04:28 PM said:
I was lucky enough to experience the Hulk, only once, in the very front. This extremely improved the experience. Since you are the 1st part of the car to touch the LSMs, you can feel when they first engage and the car picks up speed...the wind in your face...You must experience it in the front. I consider TTDs launch to be better, though. But, you guys are forgetting that the specks of each launch are both completely different, so its kind of unfair to compare them.
embalmer on 9/27/2004 9:56:06 PM said:
Different is very true in comparison along with design. I only rode the hulk once and would like to again i know it has a concept of its own like ttd does itself. Good point.
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