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 Review of Shrek 4-D @ Universal Studios Florida
0 Rating Posted by: NISSAN on 3/25/2004 10:34:00 PM
This is a great overall ride. They did a great job considering the time they built it in. There was attention to detail all throughout this ride. But the ride does lack a few qualities though for one thing that pain of a line. I waited 2 hours the first time I went and 1:30 hours the second time. They could have at least put some of the line inside of air-conditioning. There was over 300 people all in line at once in 80* weather and screaming, annoying kids{dont get me wrong I love kids, but not during those 2 hours}. Those fans they have only work if your in certain places of the line and the first half doesnt even have any fans or a roof to block the sun. I was agitated by the time I got to the room with the pigs and the mirror, but the humurous jokes cheered me up a bit, and the ride just had me giggling. Something else about this ride it doesnt have a constant re-ride-abilityness to it. Its not a show you would enjoy if you watched it everytime you went to USF. I tried it every day over a weekend period and i got tired of it by sunday. I have to spread it out to enjoy it. After those details this ride is a fun, surprising, comical, and whimsical ride. Kids and adults of ALL ages are sure to enjoy. PS watch out for the spiders.
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