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 Review of Tower of Terror @ Disney-MGM Studios
0 Rating Posted by: coaster05 on 3/22/2004 4:43:00 PM
Just a fantastic ride. Everything about it is good and the theming is just awesome. I have liked every version of it, but talk about a great idea when you make a ride too make sure it has multiple personalities is genius. Everytime I go the gift shop gets me for another 50 bucks, what a greta ride. I wish they would make a themed show for Twilight Zone like the old Alfred Hitchcock at Universal. APPEARANCE-10 Is there a score higher then 10 because if so this would get it. The dust and details in the lobby are unbelievable. The special effects are great and the outside of the tower and land around it are unbelievable. A true park gem and the main reason to go back to MGM. RIDE QUALITY -10 As a very unique drop ride/ dark ride it is pretty much a one of kind experience. As I said in the old part of my review the changing of the program makes for a unique ride almost everytime. CAPACITY-9 The line can just be unbelievable some days. I do believe they load and move as good as possible, but since the park is still very slim on the amount of "event" attractions I just cant give a ten to a ride that has a 2 hour wait. FUN-10 This still scares me just a little. It really is the only reason I keep going back to MGM. Since most their other attractions wear down after a couple rides this one just keeps coming. RERIDE-10 Its like a new ride almost every time unless you live close to the park. Since I have been there only 4 different times since it opened you know I got a different one each time. I gotta wait no matter the line because that is probably the only reason I am at the park. OVERALL-49 AVG 9.8 No doubt it gets the ten. A fantastic ride that never gets old. I still think they should make a show to go with it but the ride itself should never be changed.
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