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 Review of Kraken @ Sea-World Florida
0 Rating Posted by: woofboy111 on 3/17/2004 5:26:00 PM
Sea World isnt what you normally think of when you think of coasters, but if you go, go on Kracken. I have to disagree with some of the other reviewers of this ride though. Some people said this ride has great themeing. I wouldnt call a cement eel and some riddles painted on the queue wall great themeing. There was no themeing on the ride itself, and the themeing in the queue is very weak. For good on ride themeing for a coaster, ride thunder mountain at the Magic Kingdom. For good coaster queue theming, check out the dueling Dragons castle at Islands of Adventure.

Now for the ride. This just may be my new favorite roller coaster in orlando. Right now Im still undecided whether the Hulk or Kracken is better, but they are both rated 10 in my book. I was expecting the floorless part of the ride to be scarier, but I didnt even notice the track under my feet during most of the ride. After the lift hill giving riders a great view of the park (for no additional charge), you go plummeting down the steep first hill. This caught me totally by suprize of how steep and high the first drop was. On most coasters in the Orlando area, you are either launched or go down the first hill directly into a curve instead of staight down, and this is why I probably wasnt expecting this. It had to be my favorite part of the ride because it actually scared me for a second, and that is very unusual for me because Ive been on lots and lots of coasters. After the first drop, there are lots and lots of loops as well as some other cool stuff. As the ride goes on, the loops get smaller and smaller, and eventually start going half above ground, and half below ground. Then for a finale, you go into the mist filled Krackens lair under a pond and after that, the ride is just about over.

My biggest problem with the ride is that I always thought a Kracken was a giant squid, but from the cement statue in the front of the ride, it looks like Sea Worlds version of a Kracken is a giant eel!

Also, ride in the front. The ride is amazing this way.
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