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 Review of Whirlwind @ Knoebels
0 Rating Posted by: coaster05 on 3/12/2004 9:12:00 PM
Absolutely the worst coaster I have ever rode. Nothing is good about this ride and that is hard for me too say, because I love going to Knoebels. It is painful, ugly, slow and boring. I cant believe i spent money on this that I could have used on the Phoenix or birch beer. You just have to ride it once to see how rotten it is. Man just writing this review refreshes my memeory of that horrid 50 seconds. Oh have I said its bad.

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adriahna on 3/13/2004 3:13:27 PM said:
I love me some Knoebels birch beer!!!
Knoebels on 3/14/2004 3:44:04 PM said:
You hit the spot on that one. The only reason it is good is if your little ones are on a ride and you are waiting for them to get off and are sitting on a bench right by it and go "Oh well, I guess Ill go on this just to pass time." I dont even know why anyone would do that. I dont know what was worst. Hercules at Dorney or this. Its a good thing Hercules is gone, so I guess that leaves this as the all time worst coaster in Pennsylvania
adriahna on 3/16/2004 7:38:38 PM said:
Now, thats an honor. Its a shame that Knoebels holds on to it - wasted space, really. Put in another classic!
Knoebels on 3/16/2004 7:42:46 PM said:
Yeah, maybe they should put a hyper coaster, or maybe they should stick with woodies. I think they should try another steel.
coaster05 on 3/16/2004 10:11:41 PM said:
Ive only been there once, maybe they think they cant put anything in that space, but im sure a wild mouse would fit, then maybe a steel someplace else through a wooded area.
Knoebels on 3/17/2004 6:46:28 PM said:
Two words: GO AGAIN!! And if they make a Wild Mouse there and take Whirlwind away, and the Wild Mouse is the worst Wild Mouse on the planet, it will be an improvement. But I dont think Knoebels will even take away Whirlwind because its the only steel they have.
coaster05 on 3/18/2004 1:15:12 PM said:
I am going again right around the 4th of july. Even with just one visit it has got to be one of my 5 favorite places ever.
adriahna on 3/18/2004 7:04:28 PM said:
Knoebels, dont forget the High Speed Thrill Coaster (if, in fact its made of steel) - thats one of the best on the planet!
Knoebels on 3/19/2004 10:53:20 AM said:
Oh yeah. Not even Twister can match the airtime on that baby. And every ride is different on HSTC, because if you go on right after the ride ops switch, then the next ride op can make it fast or slower. Faster= good, slower= bad.
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