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 Review of Ripsaw Falls @ Islands of Adventure
-1 Rating Posted by: Lloyddy on 2/27/2004 9:22:00 AM
This log flume is better to watch than to ride. Watching the boats "crash" into the house with sound effects is pretty funny. The ride itself is majorly disappointing though. The models and sets are pretty awful, and the "plot" is threadbare. Normally this wouldnt matter on a log flume, but with Splash Mountain a 30 minute drive away its hard not to compare. The actual drop is a real thriller, much scarier than Splash. Much wetter as well, this ride will get you drench. Overall though, I found this to be the weakeast of IOAs headlining rides.

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praxis on 2/28/2004 10:54:09 AM said:
Ill buy that the theming isnt as good as Splash Mountain - but it does replicate the look of the Dudley Do-Right cartoons well. And "plot"? Come on, SMs plot is will a bear + a fox toss a rabbit into a briar patch. Not exactly The Usual Suspects.
Danny on 2/28/2004 11:16:55 AM said:
I was disappointed with the indoor parts of this ride, but I found the outside scenes to be perfect for the world of Dudley. Youve gotta love that near-collision with the train.
Horizons12 on 2/28/2004 2:18:15 PM said:
Yeah, the inside wasnt too good imo.
tacoking on 2/28/2004 9:31:14 PM said:
The top where is has all the signs, the flashing lights, and all that fun stuff is pretty cool though.
Danny on 2/29/2004 11:13:15 AM said:
Yeah, but the section in the beginning where you are inside is pretty lousy. Other than that the attraction is excellent.
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