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 Review of Flitzer @ Moreys Piers
0 Rating Posted by: Broardwalk on 2/2/2004 12:59:00 PM
It is easy to say the Flitzer is not safe because of a similar ride in another park had a
incident or someone was injured most likely due to rider error. The fact is New Jersey
has very strick guide lines for amusement rides and would not let a unsafe ride operate.
I’m almost fairly sure the Flitzer in PA didn’t have seat belts, where Morey’s Flitzer does.
The height requirements were probably different in PA then in NJ. So to call the Flitzer
unsafe is unfair. Its a great old coaster ride that was designed when people had enough
sense to ride it correctly. Now it seems the amusement industry can’t idiot proof ride fast
enough. That is just my opinion based on my 9 years in the amusement industry.
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