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 Review of Hurricane @ Myrtle Beach Pavilion
0 Rating Posted by: woofboy111 on 1/30/2004 11:52:00 PM
I rode this on a trip through Myrtle Beach on my drive back to Florida from upstate New York. By the time I got a hotel and stuff, I finally made it to the pavilion where this coaster was located around Midnight, but luckily they were still open. I had a very nice thrilling ride before I went to bed for the night. The drop was great. It was a bit bumpy, but I have been on wooden roller coasters that are much worse than this. The helix and great air was aslo a plus. On a side note, I found the layout of this Hurricane Roller coaster to have a similar but slightly shorted layout than the Dania Beach Hurricane at Boomers in South Florida. Anyone know if the two coasters are made by the same company?

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BobFunland on 8/6/2004 4:38:44 PM said:
No, the MB Hurricane is made by CCI, and the Dania Beach one is made by a company out of Canada.
woofboy111 on 11/6/2004 1:29:31 PM said:
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