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 Review of X @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
-3 Rating Posted by: StXBomber on 12/9/2003 9:36:00 PM
This ride gets the award for "Most overrated ride EVER". I read the previous reviews for this, and I am not a DCAMAN, I rode it, and this is why this gets a 1. Ever since SFMM anounced X, I was hyped. I didnt want anything more than to cross country (Ohio to Cali) and ride X. This was the main reason I went to Cali. We get to SFMM at 10:15, and it already has a 3 hour line. I wasnt going to come so far just to be turned away by a line, so I waited in the heat for 3 hours. I finally get on, and at that first flip, OW! My head bangs on the head rest. I knew something was horribly wrong about this ride. I kept getting bashed, my legs, my head, even my arms! This is only the second ride I ever wanted to get off (Mean Streak being the other). People complain about SoB being rough, but theres a difference between X and SoB, X is steel! Steel is supposed to be smooth, not beat the crap out of you! Now Ive heard that the outside seats are the roughest, and I just so happened to be sitting on an outside seat, but it shouldnt have hurt THAT much! SFMM needs massive work on this ride, or else they should take it out.

Unlike DCAMAN, I gave ample reasons to my rating, so if I get flamed, you are just some SFMM supa-kid who thinks SFMM is the best park in the world, mainly because you havent been to other ones I guess. I recommend this ride to anyone that wishes to have a story to tell their grandchildredn, exept this will be a story about how rough a steel coaster could be.

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StXBomber on 12/21/2003 4:28:41 PM said:
This coming from a guy with a post titled "I am gay!" Wow, I can take this comment seriously now!
Horizons12 on 12/23/2003 10:20:39 PM said:
You gave reasons as to why you didnt like it so I wouldnt argue or anything if I liked it. You didnt like it so thats that. I havnt been on it so I cant say anything anyway.
Red Rascal on 12/24/2003 9:48:37 AM said:
But does it really deserve a 1? A 1 to me means this is the worst ride Ive ever been on, but you hate it just because its rough. Deduct a few points for roughness, but not 9., surely there has to be something you enjoyed about this ride.
Swimace on 12/24/2003 7:50:26 PM said:
Did you even like the drop? Im not bashing you, I havent ridden X, it just seems like any coaster deserves more than a 1. you could at least give it a 2 for a nice view from ontop of the lift.
StXBomber on 12/26/2003 11:35:27 AM said:
1. It was the worst ride Ive ever been on, I mean, from the first flip to the brake run I was in too much pain to even see what was happening!

2. It wasnt a very good view. Lets face it, the park is in the middle of the desert.
RainieBear on 12/27/2003 1:26:05 AM said:
I think you may notve had the harness pushed far enough down... When I rode it, I rode on the outside and I was fine. But I was in there extra tight.
Pan on 12/30/2003 6:15:59 PM said:
Well he gave his reasons.
I never rode on this but it sounds pretty good. Maybe a bit too harsh on the rating? I dont really know how someone think its 10 and another think its 1.
BobFunland on 1/3/2004 4:48:11 PM said:
I think this is too harsh... yea, the harnesses are abnormal, but its because its so unique. Besides, the fisrt drop was pretty cool. To spin on the bunny-hill, and then drop vertical was awesome. Plus, if you ride on the 1st car, theres nothing between you and the ground (at least visibly) for 200ft- pretty exhilirating. As for the environment, Valencia isnt very deserty, plus, theres gravel below it, not sand or dirt or anything like that. As for the lines, people go to the park 30-45mins early for just that reason- to get in line first at the front gates.
Torish on 1/14/2004 1:24:32 PM said:
I can understand that someone could give a poor rating because it causes some pain. However, I am positive that the only reason that you were in pain(IF you were) is that you did something wrong. The only time i ever got off X in pain was because the restraint was loose. You are probally one of those nerds who wears fanny packs and it probally got caught under the butterfly restraint. Besides all that I think that you are just trying to bash Xs ratings for your own sick reason.
Torish on 2/23/2004 3:27:22 PM said:
mekid21 on 2/24/2004 7:32:21 PM said:
Quote Torish: You are probally one of those nerds who wears fanny packs and it probally got caught under the butterfly restraint. Besides all that I think that you are just trying to bash Xs ratings for your own sick reason.

Quote Torish: Fag

Quote GovNOed!!: i think it might be because ur body is deformed or something

you are both assholes, its his opinion let him have it, you could ask nicely like BobFunland did or Pan did. You are the kind of people that makes this web-site suck ass. If someone doesnt agree with you then you take it personally and think there must be something wrong with the person. Theres many more people like you, such as Tacoking.

As for the ride X Ive never been on it nor heard about it however I have been watching the development of 4D coasters with intrest.
lolostar on 3/3/2004 11:26:42 PM said:
wow. a one. really? ok...

XtremeFan8 on 3/7/2004 5:16:38 PM said:
StXBomber is offically on crack. I DECLARED IT!
lolostar on 3/7/2004 8:31:37 PM said:
hahaha. well if its been declared!
Sephiroth7 on 3/8/2004 11:28:08 AM said:
Red Rascal, a one does not mean that it is the worst ride you have been on. It can be "one" of the worst rides you have been on. He also stated that there were only 2 rides where he felt like he wanted to get off, X and Mean Streak. If thats how he feels, thats how he feels. He shouldnt have to deduct points if he doesnt feel there should be points given in the first place. I went on Manhatten Express and I hated it. I would not go on it again and even though I gave it a few points, I almost gave it nothing. STXbombers excuse saying it doesnt have a "view" is retarded. If you go on X for the view, you need to get stoned a little more often...
BobFunland on 3/9/2004 11:32:05 AM said:
Where is this guy? look at his top 10- dueling dragons at #2? He hasnt been around to defend his review, so in my opinion, it should be discarded.
XtremeFan8 on 3/11/2004 9:06:56 PM said:
He is on the yeayo!
BuffMan on 4/20/2004 5:36:13 PM said:
Screwed up person you are, you queer!
steve-o on 4/23/2004 4:55:11 AM said:
well done this other 21 people clearly agree with you
steve-o on 6/1/2004 5:58:39 AM said:
wow u gave the worlds best ride a 1 becauswe it was rough u r a discrase
steve-o on 6/1/2004 5:58:39 AM said:
wow u gave the worlds best ride a 1 becauswe it was rough u r a discrase
StXBomber on 6/2/2004 9:13:06 PM said:
Wow, you double posted!

The reason I have it a 1 is that:

1. Ride crew seemed to not care about all of the line jumpers in the 3 hour line.
2. I came all the way from Ohio to California thinking it was going to be "the greatest ride ever", and it did not compare to what all you SFMM fan boys hyped it up to be.
3. I couldnt even enjoy one bit of it because of the bouncing of the seat hitting my head against the headrest.
4. Fannypacks suck.

Also, my comment on the view was because someone suggested giving it points because of the view from the top. I gave ample reasons to my rating, and if you fanboys who have never been out of Cali have a problem with it, well just go play hide and go **** yourself.

Also, I havent been on in awhile because I only come to this site before and after a trip, and I am going to Holiday World in 2 weeks, so I wanted to see how people like it, and checked on my reviews.
beastboy on 6/3/2004 8:51:14 PM said:
StXBomber I think your comments are out of line and you should be greatful you even had the oppurtunity to ride X at all. Think about all the people who flew out there just to find it closed. Im from Ohio as well and I envy those like you who have already got the oppurtunity to ride it because with school, the earliest I could possibly ride it is summer of 2007.
StXBomber on 6/5/2004 10:29:38 AM said:
Why envy the ride? I say if you go to Cali, go to SFMM. Ride Goliath, Scream, and Riddler, but do not ride X unless it has a short line. Just imagine being in my shoes, thinking its some amazing ride, only to be let down.
sfo1 on 7/9/2004 11:58:32 PM said:
In govs defense, he was kidding when he said he was gay. I know what thread you are talking about, its the one that was started several months ago, not the recent one. If you(torish) would have been participating in the forums, you would know what I am talking about...
Sephiroth7 on 7/10/2004 3:32:50 PM said:
STX is allowed to give a ride a one, just like you are allowed to give a ride a 10. He does not need to "envy" a ride. As long as people give reasons for their negative review, NO review should be bashed. People are used to 1s given by people who dont give good reviews. In this case, he gave a very detailed review on why he didnt like the ride. I happen to completely disagree with what he said, however I would not question his opinion, because an opinion is just that: someones view of a subject.
StXBomber on 7/12/2004 11:35:32 AM said:
I love how Govnoed has 0 good reviews and 14 bad ones, and all of his top 10 are in Florida. I sense some bias here.
Sephiroth7 on 7/14/2004 5:44:20 PM said:
Goveneds "review" of X. "Russia is better then X, HANDS DOWN!" Ya, I probably would go nuts
BobFunland on 10/24/2004 10:38:28 AM said:
I cant believe that this review got 5 "Bad" ratings, I mean, he did present his case well...
larrygator on 10/24/2004 1:02:01 PM said:
Although I would not give this a bad rating I can see how others might. His only complaint is the main review is that he didnt follow the ride instructions and keep his head back and that is the reason for a one rating. Some might feel that shouldnt be taken out on the coaster unlike rides like Psyclone, Viper (SFGAdv), Shockwave (PKD) where the pain is unavoidable. In the end STX Bomber did bring up more valid reasons for the 1 rating in post #24. I agree the line jumping was horrendous (I almost personally had two kids kicked out of the park) and the wait was horrendous, however the ride was great for me. I could not get back on the line quick enough for a re-ride
BobFunland on 10/24/2004 4:53:41 PM said:
Line jumping is an interesting issue, and just two nights ago, I brought it up when two girls tried to do that at Visionland, but it seems to me that no one wanted to say anything about it. Do you as an enthusiast feel more inclined to bring it up, because often times it does go without problem.
larrygator on 10/24/2004 5:20:24 PM said:
It all depends on the situation, maybe we should start a thread to discuss line jumping
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