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 Review of BuzzSaw Falls @ Silver Dollar City
1 Rating Posted by: Enmy on 9/20/2003 3:39:00 PM
The ride I wanted to love... I had heard about how this ride and the concept was amazing. Well, the concept part was correct. I think its neat how this ride works, but I can see some room for improvement (like the trains). When it comes to Buzzsaw (the actual ride), there is LOTS of room for improvement. The ride, like most water rides, has horrible capacity. The trains are a true pain, too. You have to step onto the wet seats then step down into the narrow space for your legs. I can see how someone could easily slip despite the gripers on the seat (however I never saw this happen). The ride starts with a slide out of the station into the water chute. Water pours over the side of the car. A few slow, uneventful turns in flume form and the car heads up the wet lift. This is where the transition from flume to coaster takes place. The wheels of the car slide on the coaster track and off we go into the short, but not so sweet coaster portion. The car dips, dips and then... dips into a turn. Youre probably thinking airtime now. Ha! These dips are forceless... along with the turn that leads up into the dry, chain lift (at least there are trees near it). Odd thing, the beginning of the lift is a slight slope upward and then becomes steep. The lift offers a good view of the surrounding landscape and takes a left turn to line up for the drop. You hear the statistics about how tall the lift is and everything. It is true the lift is tall however this is decieving. The lift is tall become it over a part of the mountain that begins to slope down into the valley. The actual drop on this ride isnt very close to the lifts height. I would say its around 40-50 feet (more towards the 40). The drop enters the ending splash pool where the car throws more water in front of them than on the riders. A slow turn in the water (but still on coaster track) finds you back in the station.
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