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 Review of Millennium Force @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: tornbretto on 8/14/2003 2:14:00 PM
WOW! Thats all I can Say about this Ride....Plain and Simple

I remember when Millennium Force was first announced, it looked like a monster.

I remember the wait in line for the ride, it really built up the anticipation, seeing the trains come and go and climb up the tall 305 foot tall hill. The fly by of the station also added to it.

I remember getting into the train and buckling up and getting the lap bar set. Before I knew it, we were off, the Elevator Cable had come down and connected to the train. We then began the steep ascent, which takes close to only 20 seconds to climb. Once at the top, we peaked over the steep (80 degree) 300 foot drop, we suddenly were rushed down it, going 93 miles per hour into a 120 degree bank. From here we went through 2 tunnels, several overbanked turns and several hills with airtime.

Toward the end of the ride, we did a quick fly by the station, which was exhilirating before a quick and sudden turn back into the station.

All I can say is that this ride is a TRUE Master Piece, definately the BEST Rollercoaster Ever Built. Intamin & Cedar Point are genius for bringing this coaster into being.

-Bretten Bailey

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cstrfreak on 8/16/2003 9:51:24 PM said:
Another great review! But, that banked turn after the first hill is a 122 degree banked turn, i dont know how YOU meant banked but i meant... uuuuuuhh... kinda hard to explain but its a 122 degree bank. Can we get someone in here to explain this?????? lol nice job kid p.s. the first drop is 310 feet tall with a 300 ft drop not 305 (i know, i know waaaay too much)
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