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 Review of Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point
1 Rating Posted by: Danny on 8/11/2003 6:47:00 PM
This is one extreme ride. You can see it from so far out of the park, its breathtaking. The theming all around the ride is easily the best at Cedar Point, and the line itself moves pretty fast. On the first day I visited the park, the ride was broken down all day, but I came back and re-visited the park just to ride this ride. When I got there the second time, the ride was closed again. Late in teh day, around six oclock, they started testing the ride. I was so excited, I ran directly to it, prepared to wait as long as it took in line. Well, the line stretched out of the queue, past Power Tower, and around to Iron Dragons entrance. I was willing to wait that long, but when the ride broke down after waiting in line for only a couple of minutes, I decided to leave and come back. The ride finally opened again about an hour later, so I rushed into the line. I waited about 45 minutes, and then the ride broke down again. I waited about 10 more minutes, and just as it started working, it broke down again. It was finally fixed, after waiting for about twenty minutes, and just as I was about to board a few minutes later, the ride broke down again, and this time they said that the ride might be closed for the rest of the day. Needless to say, I was pissed, but I still waited in line, while others left. After about twenty more minutes, it FINALLY opened, and I got to ride. The launch was incredible, and is easily the best launch on any roller coaster, anywhere, every made. The 420 ft hill is awesome, and there are some incredible negative g-forces at the top. Going down is even better, and I cant even begin to describe how fast this ride really goes. If only it were longer, it would easily be my #1 coaster. But even after waiting for nearly two hours, and having to make two trips to Cedar Point to ride it, it was worth it. Easily one of the best rides ever built.

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Anaconda on 11/14/2003 10:35:47 PM said:
How far is the entrance of Iron Dragon from the end of the queue line for Dragster?
Great revew and Im glad you finally got on it!
Red Rascal on 11/15/2003 10:59:42 AM said:
Its pretty far away. Dragsters enterance is located across from Magnum, while the Dragon is located across from the Wild Cat(MF area).
Danny on 11/15/2003 1:21:07 PM said:
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