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 Review of Ozark Wildcat @ Celebration City
-1 Rating Posted by: LAloop on 7/8/2003 4:03:00 PM
Im sorry, but I like my woodies rough (which is what this coaster isnt). It has a great, twisting layout though. The trains are great too, but I had an issue with the lapbars (come on put some strong springs in). Maybe as the ride ages, it will get better... Ill be back next year to see.

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coasterkid on 7/30/2003 8:14:10 PM said:
The reason it wasnt rough was because it opened a mere 3 months ago. Next year it should be a bat outa hell. I aggree with the lap bars, I hated the fact that Id leave it one click up, and unless I held it up, it would click down at the bottom of the first drop.
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