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 Review of Apollos Chariot @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
0 Rating Posted by: 3r1c on 6/20/2003 7:17:00 PM
Apollo is incredible. The first drop in the back is one of the best, as it will throw you out of your seat and leave you there the whole way down. The flat section of track along the water gives you a sense of speed, and the 2nd hill produces a nice amount of floater air at the top and ejector on the way down. A brief tunnel leads to the third hill, which turns slightly to the left, leaving you feel as if youll fall out while floating the whole way down. The helix is next. The beginning is along the ground and it again gives you a sense of speed. When you spiral up, there are little positive g-forces. It then dives back down to the left and then up again to the right onto the MCBR. It barely touches it, and after leaving it, in the back youll recieve monster ejector air. The next bunny also does the same, and the drop is suprising long as it dives again on the river. The neat diving s-curve will produce hand choppers for those on the left side and the next 2 bunnies are outstanding as they provide a great amount of ejector air yet again. Apollo will leave you breathless.

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thechad on 6/29/2003 5:47:51 PM said:
I have not ridden Magnum yet but AC is in my top 10 list so I am happy I chose to go to Williamsburg over Sandusky. (I will still probably go to Sandusky in the near future.)
Danny on 6/30/2003 11:33:14 AM said:
AC is #1 on my list. Im going to CP in two weeks so it might not stay there
SFGA_fan on 6/30/2003 12:57:53 PM said:
Im not sure how happy you should be if you chose Williamsburg over Sandusky, AC may be good, but just wait until you ride Millenium Force.
thechad on 6/30/2003 11:13:23 PM said:
Yea I know what you mean, CP has a lot more coasters and all but as far as hypercoasters go I am content.
SFGA_fan on 7/1/2003 11:08:57 PM said:
Yeh if its Hypercoasters u want, dont expect much from magnum at CP, I dont like that ride at all.
3r1c on 7/4/2003 5:30:24 PM said:
Actually, I prefer BGW over CP, but thats just my opinion. Mainly because BGW does everything I think CP lacks. Its just the perfect park.
Danny on 12/29/2003 11:43:36 AM said:
I agree with 3r1c about BGW being better than CP. Also, SFGA_fan, I rode Millennium Force, and it is only a tad better than AC.
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