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 Review of Millennium Force @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: DemonRules on 6/19/2003 8:35:00 PM
BEST ROLLER COASTER EVER BUILT.....PERIOD. The lift hill is a work of engineering genius, and the sheer speed experienced from the beginning to the end is unbeatable. Going up the lift hill takes your breath away as you look over the edge....and see nothing but lake erie. The elevator lift is great to get up the hill fast, and is even better because it pulls you down. The first time I ever rode it I was in the very back seat. Needless to say, I wasnt expecting the 2 seconds of airtime I got going over the top. Its just incredible. The over-banked turns are definitely my favorite parts, and are by far one of the coolest elements on any ride. The entire ride you are either stuck in your seat, or being pulled out of it. There is never a time there isnt some sort of G-force being put on your body. The hills are massive, and the tunnels give the greatest sensation of speed. The ride never slows down, and just the incredible feeling you get on the ride cannot be matched by anything I have ever ridden. Greatest coaster ever built, and deserving of any and all praise given to it. Hands down, its #1.

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Red Rascal on 6/19/2003 9:08:54 PM said:
Even better than Demon?
DemonRules on 6/19/2003 10:23:34 PM said:
the demon is the sentimental #1....but good god, this ride is just (insert any type of praise here). I mean, its perfect. i wouldnt change a thing. it blew me away. i was shocked and amazed. i am obsessed!
Red Rascal on 6/20/2003 7:16:56 AM said:
Im glad you had a great time. This ride is truly the best.
DemonRules on 6/20/2003 12:36:48 PM said:
o i know, and it was the first ride i went on when i got to the park. needless to say i nearly collapsed in sheer delight after i got off
DemonRules on 6/20/2003 9:47:48 PM said:
i felt compelled to add more to my review....I LOVE THIS RIDE...AAAAAAHHHHHHH! (hysterical screaming)
adriahna on 7/17/2003 12:46:21 PM said:
Man, I remember driving up to the park and seeing MF from afar, and being WAY intimidated - for good reason. It is so awesome. I miss it so much - raced for the line right when I got in the park, and raced right back again. Its such a great coaster.
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