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 Review of Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point
1 Rating Posted by: DemonRules on 6/19/2003 8:29:00 PM
Do I ever have the story to tell. Me and a few friends of mine took a 3 day trip to Cedar Point, only to have TTD closed for the first 2 days. The third day we were there we decided to chill at the beach(TTD once again closed) and went to Soak City at about 5. Then at around 6:30, we noticed TTD testing....with a tester! We ran as fast as we could out of the water park....soaking wet, and bought a night pass to CP and got in line by 7. The ride opened at around 6:45....but broke down at around 7:30....before we even had the chance to get into the cue line. So we waited, and waited....and waited. Did I mention we waited? The ride had 1 succesful test....but then followed with a roll-back. This caused almost everyone in the cue to leave, but we still held strong. 9:30 came, and my friends decided they had had enough, and left for a final ride on Millenium Force. But I held strong by myself. It had to be like 9:59, when all of a sudden a test went succesfully. Then another, and then another. Did I mention another? After the 6th test.....they loaded riders! Everyone within sight of the ride let out an uproarious cheer. Soon after, (my friends frantically ran back to get in line with me...by the way) the cue was once again opened, and we went straight into the station. Keep in mind, its now like 10:30, but the amazing crew never gave up, and stayed with us and let us ride. We got on, and good god, it was the most amazing experience I have ever had. The pre-launch anticipation is almost too much, and I am at a loss for words to describe the launch itself. It is the most amazing sensation of speed I have ever felt, except for the drug itself. The ride up the tower is incredible, the crest is air time heaven, and the spiral is downright glorious. This is one of, if not the best roller coaster I have ever been on, and the 4 hour wait was more than worth it. This was the greatest experience I have ever had in ANYTHING non herbal, and I am forever indebted to the people of Cedar Point for building the ride, and the operators for working 4 hours to get the ride working again. Other parks may have given up, but the amazing people at Cedar Point put the customer first, and this amazing ride is a testament to how great of a park it is.

Review Comments

Red Rascal on 6/19/2003 9:07:03 PM said:
Great review!
smk on 6/30/2003 6:22:27 PM said:
Nice story as well. Like a fairy tale! Heh
schroom on 7/2/2003 9:42:45 AM said:
haha...I went for three days and it was closed. Cheap little...
Danny on 7/5/2003 9:01:55 AM said:
I hope its open when I go.
DemonRules on 7/6/2003 11:06:18 AM said:
yeah, thats gotta suck when you spend all that money and wait and wait for the stupid thing to open, but for it to remain closed must blow. i got REALLY lucky to say the least.
schroom on 7/6/2003 4:33:44 PM said:
Red Rascal on 7/6/2003 5:54:42 PM said:
I think it opened back up. Lets hope it stays open.
schroom on 7/6/2003 8:00:54 PM said:
Yeah it is. Better stay open when I come back next summer.
Rockstar18 on 7/7/2003 1:10:49 AM said:
Im going to CP next Friday, If it is open for good i will give one hell of a review!
schroom on 7/7/2003 10:20:07 AM said:
DemonRules on 7/7/2003 10:42:59 AM said:
i might be going back in September with my dad.......i sure hope so!
Rockstar18 on 7/7/2003 3:44:21 PM said:
well i can go back whenever i want so ner ner ner ner!
DemonRules on 7/7/2003 7:20:31 PM said:
oh hooray for you.....and from what i hear...thats not even true.
Rockstar18 on 7/7/2003 7:43:57 PM said:
how do you figure?
Red Rascal on 7/7/2003 8:50:26 PM said:
Didnt you say you live an hour and a half away from the park? Thats not really "ner ner ner ner".
Rockstar18 on 7/7/2003 10:11:23 PM said:
ner ner ner ner....you know when you tease someone you go "ner ner ner ner"...nvm
Red Rascal on 7/8/2003 7:18:32 AM said:
DemonRules on 7/8/2003 10:30:16 AM said:
lol, Big Red, you have to realize that half of what Rockstar says is incoherent anyways.....
Red Rascal on 7/8/2003 11:44:31 AM said:
Rockstar18 on 7/10/2003 4:57:21 PM said:
Demon you are so mean to me. Nothing in common with you Demon i swear.lol
Rockstar18 on 7/10/2003 4:58:11 PM said:
Demon you are so mean to me. Nothing in common with you Demon i swear.lol
DemonRules on 7/11/2003 11:29:21 AM said:
lol, id like to take that seriously......but then you double post...and all respect for you goes out the window.
Rockstar18 on 7/11/2003 11:35:36 AM said:
well sorry my comp acted up. so bite me.
DemonRules on 7/11/2003 11:47:06 AM said:
Rockstar18 on 7/11/2003 11:51:29 AM said:
Damn i know im sexy but yeash...not in a public forum!
DemonRules on 7/12/2003 11:21:45 AM said:
oh...my bad
bb_dg on 7/12/2003 2:01:38 PM said:
yea... do i really need to say anything...
DemonRules on 7/13/2003 10:14:49 AM said:
so how has the status been for this ride??? has it been up and running for a while? or is she back under repairs....
Rockstar18 on 7/13/2003 5:14:34 PM said:
actually it has. it was running for 11.4 hours one day (july 5th i think)
Red Rascal on 7/14/2003 9:32:31 AM said:
It was running fine yesterday and the day before.
DemonRules on 7/14/2003 2:22:50 PM said:
thats cool.....i just hope they can keep it up and running for a while without any complications. i heard for a while they were thinking about shutting er down for the summer...
Red Rascal on 7/14/2003 3:01:52 PM said:
Yeah, I heard that also, but since it seems to be performing better now, that might not happen.
DemonRules on 7/14/2003 3:26:18 PM said:
how many of you guys have been on it?
Red Rascal on 7/15/2003 7:46:46 AM said:
Count the number of reviews for it. Theres your answer.
DemonRules on 7/15/2003 4:00:27 PM said:
well gee.....really? no, i was wondering out of the people talking in this review comment, who had been on it
Red Rascal on 7/15/2003 6:29:06 PM said:
I went on it a few days ago.
Rockstar18 on 7/15/2003 8:14:04 PM said:
im goin on it again friday no matter the wait. Big Red, how bad was the wait?
Red Rascal on 7/15/2003 8:29:05 PM said:
I waited for the front for about an hour and a half, it broke down twice while I waited. I still prefer MF over this though.
DemonRules on 7/15/2003 11:26:51 PM said:
yeah, MF is my favorite ride in the park....but TTD is one hell of a ride....#2 all time
condorman on 7/15/2003 11:29:25 PM said:
i thought Rockstar was your favorite ride........:-)
DemonRules on 7/15/2003 11:34:21 PM said:
boy guys....you are just hillarious....
Rockstar18 on 7/16/2003 12:02:19 AM said:
poor demon, who should feel worse? him cause hes friends tease him or me because i sound like a 2 cent wh0re? oh well, hour an half aint bad at all big red.
DemonRules on 7/16/2003 10:12:25 AM said:
yeah, i was looking at the webcams a few days ago...and the cue line was only like half full
Rockstar18 on 7/16/2003 10:39:32 AM said:
hell yes! maybe i will get to ride it a few times on friday
DemonRules on 7/16/2003 1:26:15 PM said:
well, but i think it was broke down at the time i was watching it....so that might have been why the line was so short
Rockstar18 on 7/16/2003 1:47:47 PM said:
so? short line break down who caresas long as i can ride!
DemonRules on 7/16/2003 3:21:09 PM said:
thats true
tacoking on 7/17/2003 10:57:52 PM said:
When I was there yesterday it was opening and closing all day. I managed to catch it when it was open towards the end of the day, and I only waited 30 min. I was looking at it all day, I mean, 12-14 trains would succsefully make it over, then one wouldnt, then they would close it for a while, then without even testing it they would launch people, and they would make it. After another 12-14 trains, one would rollback, they would close it and so on. I noticed that all day. Seems a little weird to me.
DemonRules on 7/18/2003 12:17:56 PM said:
that does sound weird. but at the same time, thats the same sorta situation that they had when i was there. they got it running for a while, then the roll-back-breaks didnt come up, so they shut er down for about 4 hours, a roll-back occured during that time, and in the end, after only like 4 tests, they sent cars with people again.
tacoking on 7/18/2003 1:01:41 PM said:
But when they closed it when I was there it was only for about 20 minutes. It seems like they know whats going on when it happens and know how to fix it.
DemonRules on 7/18/2003 3:17:06 PM said:
yeah, thats the difference....when i was there, i think they were dumbfounded by what was wrong
Rockstar18 on 7/18/2003 11:06:50 PM said:
I rode it. I waited bout 15-20 min and rode last train. I was shaking from the adrenaline rush. OMG I LOVE THIS RIDE!
DemonRules on 7/19/2003 9:05:39 AM said:
i still cant believe the friggin wait for it for alot of people is under 30 minutes.....not cool (i had to wait 4 hours)
Rockstar18 on 7/19/2003 10:27:30 AM said:
15 minuets for the best 17 seconds of my life!
DemonRules on 7/21/2003 5:19:19 PM said:
thats just crap.....was it not busy? or was it just that you jumped in line right after it opened?
Rockstar18 on 7/21/2003 6:37:11 PM said:
both. I rode on a friday...weekdays are never busy.
SFGA_fan on 7/21/2003 6:40:48 PM said:
All the days we were there were weekdays. Maybe people are just scared of it, and it might have been to intense for some of the people who have already ridden it. I dunno, it just seems kinda funny for TTD not to have a line.
DemonRules on 7/21/2003 6:52:56 PM said:
yeah, we were there on a weekday, and it had been closed down for three days...yet there was a 4 hour line before it even opened
Red Rascal on 7/21/2003 7:10:01 PM said:
Sundays are the best days. The park is deserted compared to other days.
DemonRules on 7/21/2003 7:17:22 PM said:
really? sundays? that just doesnt seem right....
Red Rascal on 7/21/2003 7:41:17 PM said:
I always go on Sundays, every time I go, I get on every coaster, except Jr. Gemini. And some even twice. Next time you go, go on a Sunday.
DemonRules on 7/22/2003 11:28:56 AM said:
ill keep that in mind
Rockstar18 on 7/22/2003 11:40:53 AM said:
weekdays and sundays are best. avoid saturdays
DemonRules on 7/22/2003 12:08:38 PM said:
yeah, those have to be the worst days to go on
Red Rascal on 7/22/2003 12:12:46 PM said:
Wednesdays are bad also.
DemonRules on 7/22/2003 2:25:13 PM said:
i was there on a wednesday, and it wasnt bad at all....well, at least not at the water park
Rockstar18 on 7/22/2003 5:28:56 PM said:
weekdays usually aint to bad cause everyone works
tacoking on 7/22/2003 5:45:12 PM said:
i went on a wednesday, for most of the rides there were no lines at all.
DemonRules on 7/22/2003 6:25:48 PM said:
yeah, big red, maybe you just went on a busy week
Red Rascal on 7/22/2003 6:32:54 PM said:
Maybe, but Sundays are still the best.
Rockstar18 on 7/22/2003 7:11:55 PM said:
i like fridays
DemonRules on 7/23/2003 8:21:09 PM said:
i think the best day we went was on a Tuesday.....nobody around, very short lines
SFGA_fan on 7/23/2003 11:16:50 PM said:
Saturdays are the best, no lines. (just kidding) I prefer Tuesdays, Ive found that those tend to be the least bust days at SFGA.
DemonRules on 7/23/2003 11:43:46 PM said:
yeah, tuesdays are always good for short lines and uncrowded parks
Rockstar18 on 7/24/2003 12:29:37 AM said:
cause everyone works
DemonRules on 7/24/2003 1:35:55 PM said:
yeah, (but everyone works every weekday)
Red Rascal on 7/24/2003 2:33:41 PM said:
People go to church on Sundays, maybe thats the reason why Sundays arent busy as usual.
Rockstar18 on 7/24/2003 4:07:28 PM said:
thats why saturdays are the worse days to go
DemonRules on 7/24/2003 5:55:31 PM said:
yeah, cause its the one day of the week when most people have the least to do
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