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 Review of Haunted Mansion, The @ Magic Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: cookietime on 6/17/2003 12:28:00 AM
This is a nice ride however my complaint is that its a bit too cornball and not enough gore. I suppose due to the people and park its operating in you really cant go for the Fulci-esk gore and scares but still, in my mind thats no excuse. I really like the intro to the ride, when your first going through the maze you get to see stuff that Hunts Piers designer Bill Tracy would go on to copy. I cant really put my finger on it but some design elements such as the creaky looking book case, the sleeping skeleton awakening, and other such things. I also really like the shadow effect of the clock hands. It was probably achived by a parcan with a very small clock yet with exagerated hands in front of it. After that it gets a bit corny, just a little at a time. Overall its a good ride that inspired even better rides (Hunts Wacky Shack, Midway Piers Draculas Castle) so I cant diss it too much. Plus its the best ride at Disney due to the theme and the short lines (short for Disney anyway).

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zjohn1988 on 8/12/2003 4:21:57 PM said:
dont xpect to EVER get blood in there. WDW is mostly made for the little kids and that wuld scare the little ones or sumthing... but yah that would help it out a bit.
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