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 Review of Hersheys Chocolate World @ Hersheypark
-5 Rating Posted by: cookietime on 6/16/2003 8:19:00 PM
America loves to eat and get fat so why not have a geisterbahn type ride only instead of being cool and scary make it about how Hershey makes their unhealthy food products, WOW thats really great, please invite me to that que line.

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mrceagle on 6/16/2003 8:44:22 PM said:
Unlike teh last reviw I commented to this one is terable.you have said nothign about this ride. insted you are complainign its not liek Geisterbahn(Ghost road is I translate right). also your dispise for chacholate or Junkfood in general shouldnt have any marit of how the ride is raited.
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