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 Review of Bizzaro @ Six Flags New England
1 Rating Posted by: Achibabwa on 6/6/2003 1:07:00 AM
UPDATE- It didnt break down this time. Two trains running, great ride, 45 min wait, and well worth it. Amazing track design, cool misters, great ride.----
Good ride, but it broke down TWICE once I got on the platform resulting in additional 47 minute wait. Once the back restraints wouldnt open, then they were about to send the ride, but the chain was not working properly, makes you wonder...

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3r1c on 8/9/2003 12:49:23 PM said:
Additional 47 minutes when you wait 45 minutes? That makes no sense.
cstrfreak on 8/10/2003 7:07:10 PM said:
47 min on top of the 45 min for like an hour and a half
Achibabwa on 11/7/2004 2:17:11 AM said:
Thanks for clearing that up, and if 3r1c did understand, then I agree that waiting that long doesnt make sense!
mrceagle on 11/7/2004 3:53:19 PM said:
I only rode this coaster twice last time I went one was a ERT ride at the end of the night. the waits at this park are way to long.
Achibabwa on 11/7/2004 5:15:08 PM said:
Definatly, the ride quality doesnt make the wait worth the while for many rides, though Superman rocks.
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