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 Review of Flying Eagles @ Kings Island
0 Rating Posted by: pezmanguy3 on 6/3/2003 9:20:00 PM
My second flying eagles- I think Im getting better and it- although I dont really understand "snapping"

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Cyclonic on 6/3/2003 11:51:49 PM said:
Snapping is when you stall the flyer out, and it creats slack in the cables. When the ride catches up to your stall, there is a loud snap and the flyer is flung forward. It takes some practice to do, and there are only a few of these rides left that are actually set up to do this, most these days are run too fast or are the smaller, portable type with shorter cables that prevent this from happening. Right now, the only two that can easily be snapped are at PKI and Knoebels. The one at PKD can get small snaps, but it runs just a tad too fast to get a proper snap out of it.
adriahna on 7/16/2003 10:10:13 AM said:
Well-put, Black7 - I couldnt have put it better. Pezman, you need to hold the rudder facing outwards when the ride starts. About 10 seconds in, youll feel a little surge of speed, and thats when you steer in. The car will head to the center - when its reaching its limit, steer out again. Feel the cars resistance and flow - it will increase, and dont forget to lean with the weight of the car. With luck & practice, youll be snapping in no time.
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