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 Review of Spider-Man Rocks @ Universal Studios Hollywood
0 Rating Posted by: Andrea02 on 5/26/2003 11:28:00 PM
I thought this was just horrible. I was glad when it was over as was everyone else in my group. Normally I am not into Spiderman but I went to see this anyway, mainly because everyone else in my group wanted to (although we all agreed it was a waste of time) and I thought it might still be a pretty cool show. For instance, I never liked the Indiana Jones movies but love the effects show and ride at Disney. I also do not like Star Trek but like the ride at Disney. So I thought this wouldnt be too bad. Boy, was I wrong! The only "stunt" I can remember was Spiderman swinging onto the stage from a rope. The rest was nothing but teeny bopper pop music about Spiderman, and then the characters in costumes "fighting". Id rather watch a martial arts expo, at least there you can see some moves! I was disappointed. Universal generally has very good shows. I even noticed some little kids coming out of the show saying stuff like "I love Spiderman but that sucked!" LOL

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thechad on 6/24/2003 7:33:07 PM said:
I agree it was terrible, but it was never hyped to be a stunt show...Universal claims it to be a musical which I cant get mad at them for that.
P.S. Disney doesnt have a Star Trek ride.
P.P.S. You dont like Indiana Jones ?!?!?!?
Andrea02 on 7/10/2003 2:41:45 PM said:
Star Wars, Srat Trek, whatever. LOL Im always getting those mixed up. Its funny, Im not a fan of Star Wars (or Star Trek for that matter) OR Indiana Jones as far as movies are concerned but the rides are awesome. And as for Spider-Man, maybe it wasnt hyped as a stunt show, but I didnt really read the description. I just went because everyone else in my party was going. No matter what it was supposed to be classified as though, it was still boring, LOL.
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