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 Review of Taz Twister @ Six Flags Great Adventure
-2 Rating Posted by: Waitj786 on 3/6/2003 9:57:00 AM
Sickening....and boaring.....

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mrceagle on 3/6/2003 1:24:25 PM said:
So what in your mind makes this Sickening and boaring? I have one of this at my homepark and it is extreamly intence.
Waitj786 on 3/8/2003 5:14:35 PM said:
you spelled intense wrong.
mrceagle on 3/8/2003 9:36:06 PM said:
Sp what, you can aperantly understand what i asked what it the answer.
Waitj786 on 3/8/2003 10:27:31 PM said:
you spelled so wrong, and i cant understand you
Red Rascal on 3/8/2003 10:35:02 PM said:
Let the spelling go. He has a handicap.
Waitj786 on 3/8/2003 10:38:48 PM said:
is he joking or is really a bad speller?
Red Rascal on 3/8/2003 10:49:57 PM said:
Waitj786 on 3/8/2003 10:53:54 PM said:
Red Rascal on 3/8/2003 10:56:59 PM said:
He said it.
mrceagle on 3/9/2003 3:12:08 AM said:
Waitj you are a moron. I have ADHD I have said it manytimes. put you cant get past a simple misspelling and answer the question. why it is so bag.
Waitj786 on 3/9/2003 8:44:23 AM said:
my whole family has ADHD, im not a moron i was just kidding, take it easy. and plus my family doesnt make spelling mistakes even though they have ADHD. The taz twister at six flags was horrible and badly kept, i have been on other rides like it and they were much better.
mrceagle on 3/9/2003 11:11:28 PM said:
Thank you for answering the question. I an sorry for the moron coment you post caught me at a bad time. ADHD works o many levals. some can have it with few problems and some can be completly out of controle. also sertan things can be understude beter then most. i can understand computer stuff farly well and I an verry good at math. having ADHD dosnt make you a bad speller. but having it with me I cant keep the defoances and teh complicated set up of the writen languadge. I can write well thou, storys and poems. but to get to the point thanks again fo rthe responce. it was unkept and it ran worse then most out their. thanks again.
Waitj786 on 3/13/2003 3:14:04 PM said:
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