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 Review of X @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
-2 Rating Posted by: BobaFett on 3/3/2003 8:48:00 PM
X. Greatest coaster. Ever!

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Red Rascal on 3/7/2003 8:02:30 AM said:
Did you ride this one? Or is this just another one of your bogus posts?
toaddy on 3/7/2003 2:01:44 PM said:
Right on!
BobaFett on 3/8/2003 5:03:38 PM said:
Actually, I did. X is the best coaster ever - no matter how many times you go on it, you dont know what to expect. And Ive rode every coaster I posted.
Red Rascal on 3/8/2003 7:35:11 PM said:
Well if you did ride it you should review it much better. Give us more information. Tell us why it was "the greatest coaster ever."
toaddy on 3/10/2003 2:25:23 PM said:
He might not remember much. On this ride you dont have time to take in and absorb whats happening. Thats why its so great. I didnt remember a damn thing after my first ride either.
BobaFett on 3/13/2003 9:59:55 PM said:
yeah - I was stunned, I couldnt comprehend what was going on.
toaddy on 3/14/2003 2:01:50 PM said:
Thats the fun part of it. No expectations. Plus theres something about falling face first down a 200 ft. drop.
SFGAmmer on 3/14/2003 5:07:26 PM said:
I thought the drop was head first
toaddy on 3/17/2003 1:46:07 PM said:
No. At the end of it. It flips you at falling position on your stomache then when you get towards the bottm it flips you head first into flying position going into the raven turn.
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