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 Review of Space Mountain @ Magic Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: DemonRules on 2/14/2003 5:13:00 PM
This is a great indoor coaster, with some interesting lighting (or lack there of) and the lighting makes it seem like its going faster than it really is, making the ride more enjoyable. its a fun ride, and both tracks are exciting.

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RAM20884 on 2/21/2003 6:09:33 PM said:
or the guy could be a dumbass and done sumthin stupid. Ive riddent hat ride plenty of times and nither i nor any one i was with got hurt.
Sephiroth7 on 4/21/2003 8:09:26 PM said:
Show me a link...sounds like a rumor. Also, it would be great to hear what you thought of the ride...
praxis on 5/13/2003 10:56:29 AM said:
I searched both google + yahoo, and found no mention of this alleged story. I also check the urban legends debunking site snopes.com (excellent site - check out the many wild rumors about Disney there) and it didnt say anything about this either. Nor does themeparkinsider.com, which lists injuries on rides with its reviews. Whats the source of this info?
Sephiroth7 on 5/13/2003 3:03:22 PM said:
There isnt a source...its obviously not tru...just bashin Magic Kingdom....
mrceagle on 5/13/2003 4:36:35 PM said:
There is a law suit witha guy that suposidly got hit by somthing! thou this didnt have any body parts getign ripped off. Its Bull, and no truth to it.
DemonRules on 5/25/2003 9:43:07 AM said:
you guys are right, i think it was just a rumor, and i wrote this review when i went on a disney bashing streak, so im gonna change it.
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