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 Review of Space Ship Earth @ EPCOT
0 Rating Posted by: DemonRules on 2/12/2003 9:10:00 PM
i dont know if a ride has ever broken down more times per day than this one. i went there for 1 day, and it not only broke EVERY time i was on it(4 times) but also while i was waiting in line, and while walking past a few times. but the odd part is that it was probably my favortie ride at the park. i dont know why, but when you go on it with a bunch of friends, knowing full well that its gonna break, and then cheering it on once it gets fixed again. it sure is weird, but boy is it fun!

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mrceagle on 2/12/2003 9:32:06 PM said:
I have to agree we did that on horizans. thou one of the brack downs was my brothers falt.
DemonRules on 2/13/2003 8:16:05 AM said:
it was wierd, we never got through the ride once without it breaking down, but it was a blast!
mrceagle on 2/13/2003 12:54:53 PM said:
I think think that the rde broke down one out of the 5 times I have been on it. Horizans on the other hand was constantle braking down. thow the worst was splash Mountain the first year it opened. the ride broke down one to twice per sean. we wer on the ride for about a half hour.
coasterkev on 2/13/2003 3:54:38 PM said:
well the one thing that most people dont relize is horisens was build wrong from the begining if they hadent removed it when they did the wole building wounld hav collapsed under the waite
DemonRules on 2/13/2003 10:23:42 PM said:
that would have been kinda funny.......
mrceagle on 2/14/2003 12:07:20 AM said:
They need to rebuild horizans minus space and put it inbetwen land and sea.
MagnumMan on 2/14/2003 7:28:40 AM said:
I loved horizions. The suspended track was genious, especially for this type of ride which is supposed to be taking you through something (i.e- history, a presentation). I loved this ride and it should be rebuilt...but Im also looking forward to Mission To Mars
mrceagle on 2/14/2003 11:45:59 PM said:
Mission: space, Mision to mars is ove rand done with it was replaced with Exter-terror-estrial incounter. But I would gratly ike to se the ride reinstaled.
MagnumMan on 2/15/2003 7:40:43 PM said:
Close enough LOL I knew that but just got the names mixed up. Anyway, Mission:Space looks pretty cool. Is it supposed to be extra sensory experience or just a normal simulator (of course, normal is nothing to describe any Disney ride).
xDisney on 2/15/2003 10:15:21 PM said:
I used to work at EPCOT and they have had maintenance problems on Spaceship Earth since day one. I was told once that track is under a great deal of stress because of the incline and the length. Maybe this has something to do with the frequent breakdowns.
mrceagle on 2/16/2003 10:50:58 PM said:
Frm what I could find out it is it will be a mix between sets and video with suspended simulater cars. the cars will have macanical effects built into it. should be a good ride. and their are rummers flying around aboru replacing the Spaceship earth track.
B&M Fan on 2/16/2003 11:37:26 PM said:
To be honest its not the ride breaking down really. If you have ever seen the cars you know that they give you like 2 seconds to get into them. Usually Epcot gets an older crowd and usually an older crowd means people with Canes, wheel chairs, etc... But what happens is they have to stop the ride because they have to give the handicap time to get on. But this is the best ride in the park i think. I like at the end when you come down.
mrceagle on 2/17/2003 12:52:03 AM said:
Ive always fond theend laking. the ride is fantastic seans and animatronics and the end is just plain. thow it was nice to see the video screens formhorizans find new life in Spacship earth.
SFGA_fan on 2/17/2003 8:00:43 AM said:
I thought this ride was great, I also thought the ending was cool. The only ride that came close to this at epcot was The Norwegian Boat Ride.
DemonRules on 2/17/2003 8:21:23 AM said:
agreed, but i think the main problem with stress on the track is that it is continuous. almost every other ride has seperated trains, so 99% of the time, the track isnt being rode on, with spaceship earth, there is one long train, so there is constant weight on the entire track, all the time.
mrceagle on 2/17/2003 1:36:26 PM said:
Verry true the Monstrum is definalty a great ride.
MovieCoast on 2/18/2003 9:54:01 AM said:
I thought this topic was supposed to be about Space Ship Earth!!! Anyway, I never had a problem with it breaking down. And you said you waited in line? Thats impossible! The train covers the whole track and it keeps going around and around. The only time a ride ever brokw down for me was Splash Mountain right before the last drop, but then it kept going and Test Track. What day hasnt Test Track broken down???
SFGA_fan on 2/18/2003 5:00:24 PM said:
Test Track probably was the worst. When I was there it broke down three times on one ride. It also broke down once every other time I went on it.
mrceagle on 2/18/2003 7:41:20 PM said:
I couldnt talk about test track. it was planed to be opened the last time I as theri but it was delayed ill the end of the eyear. wel the end of the year turned out to be another year on top of that.
MovieCoast on 2/19/2003 3:48:55 PM said:
mrceagle on 2/19/2003 6:39:06 PM said:
Me too I just wish they would have built the building right in the forst place so it wouldnt have neded to come down. space may be graet but it will never be a proper replacement.
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