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 Review of Splash Mountain @ Magic Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: DemonRules on 2/7/2003 6:27:00 PM
sure, its a water flume with a big drop......the only problem is that other parks have much better ones, with MUCH better theming. no one can honestly tell me they enjoy the story of brer bear, and whoever else. its stupid. go to IOA, they have the two best water rides in the country. Jurassic Park and Dudley Do Right. those are flumes with a good drop, yet also have much better theming.

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tacoking on 2/28/2003 10:25:52 PM said:
better theming??? HAHAHA. i definatly DONT think so. disneys theming beats universals by a LONG shot. i hate to admit that but its true.
DemonRules on 3/14/2003 10:19:11 AM said:
SM definitely has the MOST theming, but to me, its not the BEST theming ive seen on a water ride. i honestly enjoyed the theming for JP and DDR much more than than the story about brer bear and whoever on SM.
MovieCoast on 3/14/2003 12:31:55 PM said:
The themeing is top notch and there is much more than a big drop!!!
DemonRules on 3/14/2003 1:57:50 PM said:
okay, well then what else is there?
praxis on 5/6/2003 6:23:44 PM said:
Ill have to go with Splash Mt having better theming than IOA - and I did think both Ripsaw Falls + JP had good theming. I was expecting to cringe at the zippity doo da music, but I didnt. SM had the smoothest running animatronics at WDW (ok, except maybe the american Adventure) and the ride was one that really delivered that "magic" feel the Disney folks love to talk about. SM was also a well-done flume ride, tho the Universal ones have slightly better drops at the end.
tacoking on 5/6/2003 7:04:07 PM said:
the rides are not all about drops. i think, all around, SM is the best of the three.
mrceagle on 5/6/2003 7:07:39 PM said:
JP is Shoot-the-Chute not a flume. I havnt been to IOA yet so I cant compare. SM is a top notch ride. its fantasticly themed. the story flows well. and you woudl not really know that is complitly fallows the story. many good drops the first double drop in the world. and a hopkins water contral system to beep it moving quickly. waht strory is there to Dudly Do right?
tacoking on 5/6/2003 7:31:18 PM said:
DD is the story of dudly do right. and SM is the best water ride i have been on by far.
mrceagle on 5/7/2003 4:38:47 PM said:
So their really isnt a story. theri jsut usign the charicter.
praxis on 5/7/2003 5:27:36 PM said:
Ripsaw falls has the basic plotline of the cartoons - Dudley tries to rescue Nell from Snidely Whiplash. Which, of course, in the cartoons as in the ride, is really just an excuse for pun-laden jokes.
mrceagle on 5/7/2003 10:04:35 PM said:
Ya but how do they work out the jocks? or do theyr even bother?
weaver23 on 4/19/2007 9:28:09 PM said:
I honestly think by looks SM looks more realistic and fun but Dudley do rights looks a little more juvenile/fun...i like the theming of SM just a tad bit beter
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