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 Review of Iron Wolf @ Six Flags Great America
-1 Rating Posted by: DemonRules on 1/21/2003 5:33:00 PM
Bradman77 knows the true pain of iron wolf. being male and riding iron wolf may be the biggest mistake you could ever make. Not only does it give you severe head trauma, but if your balls arent hurting after this....well....you arent a man. nicknamed the castrator for obvious reasons, this is the ONE ride you should skip at GA, unless your a girl, in which case the ride might not be quite as painful. (I rode it again on June 10th, and had a better experience....I give it a 5)

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tacoking on 3/16/2003 3:18:24 PM said:
i know what your saying, but its a good ride, except for the one part that u feel on this ride
DemonRules on 3/16/2003 4:46:24 PM said:
i have always said that this would be a great B&M if it werent for the stand-up cars. if they could just change those, this would be one of the better B&Ms i think. it has a great layout, plenty of speed, and good inversions, but the cars just ruin it.
bb_dg on 3/16/2003 5:01:53 PM said:
i think that is the case with all stand-ups. mantis at CP would be awesome with floorless cars on it. the layout is entirely uniques and would easily earn a spot on my top ten if it werent for those stand-up trains
tacoking on 3/16/2003 6:38:46 PM said:
well i wouldnt know because I have only been on 1 stand up, which would be Iron Wolf
DemonRules on 3/16/2003 7:52:03 PM said:
is it possible for them to change the cars that are used, or does it screw up all the physics and what not.
tacoking on 3/16/2003 8:54:32 PM said:
i wouldnt see why not, how old are the trains for the ride???
DemonRules on 3/17/2003 8:15:49 AM said:
the trains are pretty recent i think, but i dont mean put in another stand-up train. could they put in a sit down, or a floorless instead?
SFGA_fan on 3/17/2003 6:41:20 PM said:
I know the ride has had to different types of restraints. Otherwise, I know that I havent been very impressed with any of the stand ups that Ive been on.
DemonRules on 3/18/2003 8:20:33 AM said:
none of them are made right, they need to make them with the bar between your legs not actually between you legs. they should move it slightly lower. so then it is never directly up in your nuts unless you are slouching. that would take away alot of the pain......but the whole idea of standing up is very uncomfortable, and i cant believe B&M hasnt thought of other ways to fix it.
tacoking on 3/18/2003 5:37:10 PM said:
i dont know if it is because im small or something, but when i went on iron wolf, the pain wasnt that bad.
DemonRules on 3/18/2003 8:10:20 PM said:
im not sure, i am quite tall, so that might contribute to the pain, or maybe not, who knows.........maybe you dont have any balls......lol
SFGA_fan on 3/18/2003 10:55:45 PM said:
Im averaged sizes at 510", but the ride is still quite painful for me. It is just a bad concept. I really dont see the greatness of standing up. Ive been on Mantis at Cedar Point which is supposed tobe pretty good. I was not impressed with Mantis at all really though. The stand ups that Ive ridden have been bad, but this ride is horrible.
tacoking on 3/19/2003 4:04:17 PM said:
im only 55 ansd when i went on it, the pain u say wasnt that bad
DemonRules on 3/19/2003 4:42:37 PM said:
well, again, perhaps you just dont have balls. anyways, i just wish that they could change the trains to floorless or sit down or something, because the ride can still be very good.
tacoking on 3/19/2003 5:09:40 PM said:
well no, i do have balls. and i bet the ride wouldnt be as good if they put floorless or something on there
SFGA_fan on 3/19/2003 7:25:07 PM said:
See your short, I think height plays a major role in what kind of ride you get. Since your short, you fit into the harnesses a little better and on the turns, you are lower to the ground, so there is less force pulling you outward.
DemonRules on 3/19/2003 8:47:16 PM said:
perhaps thats it, but bserwin....having no car and just jumping off the track would be better than the cars they have now
m311ton on 3/19/2003 9:00:32 PM said:
I personally dont think the track is even that good anymore. Maybe when it first came out it was the ticket, but now in my opinion the whole ride is bad not just the restraints.
tacoking on 3/20/2003 6:08:47 PM said:
i like the ride itself, and demon, i dont want to know or feel the pain if you rather jump off it.
DemonRules on 3/21/2003 6:09:07 PM said:
it is hard to put it into words. have you ever seen the movie "Alien", where the thing comes ripping out of the guys stomach.....that would feel kinda good compared to this.
tacoking on 3/21/2003 6:10:06 PM said:
ok thats enough about that. ill stay in the same park, how is deja vu??
SFGA_fan on 3/21/2003 6:52:22 PM said:
Deja Vu, simply put, is excellent. Getting pulled back vertically is really cool, and surprisingly enough not very painful either. The drop is nice too. Overall the ride is just great.
DemonRules on 3/21/2003 6:53:02 PM said:
deja vu is awesome!!!! except during high-noon, when the sun blinds you as you go over the cobra roll. the towers are awesome since they are at 90 degree angles, but i still say that V2 is better. simply personal preference. they are both deserving of 10s.
tacoking on 3/21/2003 7:42:21 PM said:
V2 is an excellent ride. top 20 for me!!!
DemonRules on 3/22/2003 12:19:44 PM said:
yes, i enjoy V2 better becuase of the launch.
tacoking on 3/22/2003 12:29:12 PM said:
as i always have been, i am a fan of launches
DemonRules on 3/22/2003 5:58:28 PM said:
yeah, they really should be utilized on more rides.
tacoking on 3/22/2003 9:16:17 PM said:
not all, but yes, more
DemonRules on 3/22/2003 9:27:45 PM said:
i agree, some rides are made better with lift hills, but then there are some that would be ten times better if they had a launched start.
tacoking on 3/23/2003 9:43:55 AM said:
or, they should just build more with launches, either like the hulk, or TTD
DemonRules on 3/23/2003 10:49:36 AM said:
well yeah, thats what i meant. but you cant just put a launch on any ride you want, some are greatly improved with a launch, but types like hyper and wood would be worse if they added a launch.
tacoking on 3/23/2003 1:12:43 PM said:
it wouuld ruin the point of it being a hyper if they put a launch on it, and a launch on a woodie would suck, lieke ruin the ride, and they cant anyways, yet at least
DemonRules on 3/23/2003 3:01:28 PM said:
yeah, a woodie would be kinda ridiculous with a launched start. i think launches are making there way into the roller coaster world, but im still waiting for that one ride that you just say, "wow, that was something i have never experienced before."
tacoking on 3/23/2003 3:13:57 PM said:
i did that when i rode the hulk, the wow, that was something i have......
DemonRules on 3/24/2003 11:31:03 AM said:
well, for me, it was definitely a surprise, but nothing that floored me. i think something like X is what im talking about. just a roller coaster experience that you have never experienced before.
tacoking on 3/24/2003 4:13:11 PM said:
well, the hulk was my first coaster, so that really got me
DemonRules on 3/25/2003 11:17:31 AM said:
oh wow, for a first, im sure that was something amazing. but yeah, for me, i hae ridden coasters since i was 7, so it was a shock, but nothing too unexpected or amazing. dont get me wrong though...its my second favorite coaster of all time.
tacoking on 3/25/2003 4:16:50 PM said:
its my first, and i love it.
DemonRules on 3/25/2003 4:54:00 PM said:
i wish my home park was IOA..........
tacoking on 3/25/2003 5:24:27 PM said:
its like a 2nd home to me
DemonRules on 3/25/2003 5:25:14 PM said:
lol, yeah, thats gotta be nice
tacoking on 3/25/2003 6:34:41 PM said:
you bet it is
DemonRules on 3/26/2003 12:24:49 PM said:
although i feel lucky to have SFGAm as my home park. its a good one.
tacoking on 3/26/2003 3:55:51 PM said:
but how far from you?
DemonRules on 3/26/2003 6:45:30 PM said:
about an hour and ten minutes.....the trip seems to take less and less time every time we go
tacoking on 3/26/2003 7:25:12 PM said:
maybe because your not as intrested when you go know, than when you go earlier
DemonRules on 3/26/2003 10:14:41 PM said:
true, the first times i went, it was like once every other year, so there was alot of anticipation, but now i know whats coming.
tacoking on 3/27/2003 3:50:58 PM said:
exept this time there will be superman waitin
DemonRules on 3/28/2003 9:45:53 PM said:
you betcha, thats gonna be craziness. im gonna try and get first train. maybe even front, although i may have to stay overnight.
tacoking on 3/29/2003 10:29:44 PM said:
id do it. especially for a ride like superman
DemonRules on 3/30/2003 10:14:05 AM said:
yeah, im thinking about it. but just getting on the ride that day would be good enough.
tacoking on 3/30/2003 7:29:29 PM said:
and you would probably only want to ride it once that dy, because the line might be pretty long, and be a while
DemonRules on 3/31/2003 5:57:07 PM said:
plus, all the other rides would have much shorter lines.
tacoking on 3/31/2003 7:58:04 PM said:
yup. they probably would, but you know what would be funny, is if everyone thoguht the way you did, like everyone knows the lines for the other rides would be real short, so they all go to the other rides. then you would go to superman, but then everyone would know that the line for superman would be short, and so on.
DemonRules on 4/1/2003 9:50:34 PM said:
yes, and endless cycle of people running around trying to figure out which ride to get in line for.....lol
SFGA_fan on 4/1/2003 10:06:00 PM said:
It sucks that Superman is so close to the entrance, because now our athleticism and detailed knowledge of short cuts through out the park will do us little good in getting to the ride first. It will just be the first to arrive.
DemonRules on 4/1/2003 10:25:18 PM said:
lol, yeah, athleticism is useless now, but we can still use your complete disregard for what others think, and cut right to the front of the line at the opening gates....lol
SFGA_fan on 4/1/2003 10:34:27 PM said:
Hey, has anyone ever said anything. Families dont care, theyre not going to run. Sometimes kids our age will say something, but not when condorman is with us.
DemonRules on 4/1/2003 10:40:25 PM said:
lol, very true. i have heard murmuring from people as we walk past, but thats about it.
tacoking on 4/11/2003 8:58:39 PM said:
i cut a lot, and no one has ever said anything
DemonRules on 4/12/2003 2:40:46 PM said:
there really is no reason to get angry if someone cuts. if youre in line, youre going to get where you want to go no matter what.
tacoking on 4/12/2003 2:57:49 PM said:
but that time will be a little longer, and some people dont think about it that way
DemonRules on 4/12/2003 4:25:11 PM said:
yeah, but i mean skipping at the opening gates. were all going to be on the first or second car anyways.
tacoking on 4/12/2003 6:38:45 PM said:
yes, but you missed what i was saying. but thats you
DemonRules on 4/15/2003 9:37:39 PM said:
yeah, i get what you meant, i thought maybe you were talking about in the cue lines, though.
SFGA_fan on 4/15/2003 10:26:29 PM said:
I dont appreciate people cutting in the cues, but at the opening gate its different, there is no uniform lines. Im getting there at like 8-8:30 so I wont have to jock for position.
DemonRules on 4/16/2003 6:21:26 PM said:
you talking bout opening day? cause yeah, im definitely gonna get there early. and i also agree that cutting in the cues is way out of line. (no pun intended)
tacoking on 4/18/2003 1:11:57 PM said:
o well, i cut in the cues all the time
DemonRules on 4/19/2003 11:10:42 AM said:
how? dont people try and stop you?
tacoking on 4/20/2003 11:12:27 AM said:
sometimes but im just like screw you people
bb_dg on 4/20/2003 6:52:35 PM said:
line cutting is just wrong. what makes you so much greater than everyone else waiting that you think that you dont have to wait just like everyone else. today at SFGAdv, three kids wanted to cut to "join their friends" but a guy would not let them. they cursed him off for practically the entire 2 hours we were waiting in line. thats just being an @$$. the rule is simple... wait your turn. if you dont like it, dont go to the parks
tacoking on 4/20/2003 7:35:00 PM said:
i dont think im greater than anyone else
bb_dg on 4/20/2003 7:47:01 PM said:
then why not just wait your turn like everyone else
tacoking on 4/20/2003 8:21:55 PM said:
because, well, i dont know, and i dont really care.
bb_dg on 4/20/2003 8:42:24 PM said:
and you think others dont care either? im sure everyone that you have ever cut in line was more than happy to let you pass
tacoking on 4/20/2003 9:51:58 PM said:
sure, you think that. i dont care.
DemonRules on 4/21/2003 9:37:50 AM said:
i agree with bb_dg on this one. i mean, if you cut in line, you probably dont get too much further up in the line, so all youre doing is pissing a bunch of people off, all the while not really moving more than one or two cars further up in the line. just wait like the rest of us.
tacoking on 4/21/2003 3:57:59 PM said:
I dont care if I piss people off, and trust me, a 30-45 minutes is a bg difference.
bb_dg on 4/21/2003 6:18:31 PM said:
well you should care. you share this earth with how many billions of other people. dont be an ass and just wait your turn
tacoking on 4/21/2003 7:07:20 PM said:
let them people do what they want. people i dont know like that i dont care about. there not my problem.
xDisney on 4/22/2003 4:09:08 PM said:
Does anyone have anything to say about Iron Wolf ?
bb_dg on 4/22/2003 4:30:42 PM said:
lol, good call disney... lets try to get this back on topic. sorry, couldnt help myself there- i really do hate line cutters
tacoking on 4/22/2003 6:28:02 PM said:
IW is a great ride.
DemonRules on 4/27/2003 9:40:59 PM said:
IW hurts my nuts!!!!
tacoking on 4/28/2003 6:58:31 PM said:
and thats about the 50th time youve have said that
DemonRules on 4/28/2003 10:16:59 PM said:
but it must be stated (did i mention that it squashed my nuts?)
tacoking on 4/30/2003 3:58:39 PM said:
DemonRules on 4/30/2003 5:19:04 PM said:
lol, keepin count?
tacoking on 4/30/2003 6:01:34 PM said:
yes i am, and remember, "I am Cornholio!--I need TP for my bunghole!"
DemonRules on 4/30/2003 6:05:19 PM said:
bb_dg on 4/30/2003 6:27:50 PM said:
alright this is going no where. please try not to post senseless comments in the reviews section
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