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 Review of Flashback @ Six Flags New England
0 Rating Posted by: ILoveWood on 12/23/2002 5:07:00 PM
Yes its only a simple boomerang, but as far as these things go, this is a very good one. Its smooth and has almost no head banging, unusual for this kind of ride.

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mrceagle on 12/24/2002 12:23:19 AM said:
Vey true this is one of the smothist out their. thow i wold like to se them run it better. 45 to and hour wait if you get in like under the loop.
ILoveWood on 12/24/2002 1:35:52 PM said:
Yes, it is sometimes a very long wait.
mrceagle on 12/24/2002 8:53:47 PM said:
The thing is that this ride was intended for smaller parks same as the SLC. they have les copacity and use a small foot print. althow this rides are quite good, They dont work in parks at the caliber as six flags.
RAM20884 on 2/22/2003 8:30:30 PM said:
I always hit Flashback at night and ive never had more than maybe a 10-20 min wait
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