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 Review of Incredible Hulk Coaster @ Islands of Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: Sephiroth7 on 4/4/2001 12:28:00 PM
This is a ride by which all other rides should be judged. Not Kraken or any coaster can match the brilliance of this ride. If Universal didnt build a generator for the ride every 30 seconds the lights would flicker in Orlando do to the amount of energy the Hulk uses! THERE IS NOTHING AVERAGE ABOUT THIS RIDE, unlike some people say. The inversions are IN-FREEKIN-CREDIBLE like the green man himself!!! I have not seen a bigger Cobra Roll on any other coaster. It is absolutely tremendous. The zero-G roll is the best out of any coaster in the world. It will leave you hanging for hours. Surprisingly right after the brakes you get tremendous airtime if you sit in the back. All of this and I havnt even mentioned the best part of the ride...the launch. The launch is the most exhilerating thrill possible on a roller coaster. You will lose your stomach on the launch more than the drops on Nitro, Desperado, or any mega-gig-whateva-coaster. Even though there are faster launches, this is STILL the most fun. The Hulk has incredible theming behind only Disneys Aerosmith and Universals other coaster, Dueling Dragons. As for the story, the Hulk has one, but who needs it? If your riding the Hulk for the story, your ridin it for the wrong reasons. The Hulk will leave you breathless (literally) and due to the tremendous re-ride value, you will come back again and again. How do I know this ride has tremendous re-ride value? Simple, I was able to ride it all night. I stayed at Universals Portofino Hotel and I had access to the Express Lane all day. Express is GREAT FOR THE HULK. You can ride the front without wait when the park opens and at night, ride it all night in the designated seats (second row from back). When I say ride it all night, I mean it. I literally kept getting off the ride and going RIGHT back on. There were many times I went up the stairs and walked right up without stopping! Use Express and get out to Orlando if you have yet to experience this ride. Dont listen to people about the second half of the ride being "bad". I loved it the whole way through. This, along with Spidy, is the reason IOA is the best theme park in the WORLD...

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Sephiroth7 on 4/22/2003 5:40:38 PM said:
Wow...looking back....dead on review...
disney09 on 10/1/2003 5:49:51 PM said:
have you ever ben on spiderman
Danny on 10/1/2003 8:42:32 PM said:
He said "This, along with Spidy, is the reason IOA is the best theme park in the WORLD"...
disney09 on 10/3/2003 9:15:29 PM said:
of course ioa is the BEST with the BEST rides to bad some bumper cars are the best ride on this site and not hulk or spidy.
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