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 Review of Space Ship Earth @ EPCOT
-1 Rating Posted by: bigthunder on 9/10/2002 6:06:00 PM
If you put pillows and blankets on this ride everyone would fall asleep. They should replace it with a 66mph launching space coaster then into a giant half loop and some pretty intense inversions.

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FLA8 on 6/9/2005 11:57:44 PM said:
Basically you just described rockin roller coaster.
mrceagle on 6/10/2005 9:13:39 PM said:
They aer not takign out one of the mmore populare rides, regardless of speed, in the park out. They considered it and emediatly reseaved allot a protest.
Danny on 6/12/2005 12:48:55 PM said:
The ride system could be updated a bit (the cars are noisy and kinda uncomfortable) and the "future" part is a little cheesy, but the ride shouldnt go anywhere.
mrceagle on 6/13/2005 1:20:14 AM said:
Are you talkign about the Conveyer belt that brings you out? Thats just there to make the trip more interesting. as far as updatign it it will likly get done sooner or later just like the others but that will take moey and allot of time. Its taken nearly a year to get the one in CA finished.
Danny on 6/15/2005 12:26:28 PM said:
Are you talking about Space Mountain? Anyway, the future part Im talking about is when they show you images of the technology of the future, while we already have that technology now.
mrceagle on 6/15/2005 4:13:49 PM said:
Yes Space Moutian. After you ride the coaster you have that Moving walkway that brings you out. I think your taling about the same area. I agree some ot if it out of date but still fun to look at. They could always let you right out and let you walk around the building.
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