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 Review of Flitzer @ Moreys Piers
0 Rating Posted by: gonchar on 8/12/2002 3:28:00 PM
I hope anyone reading this ignores the reviews below. Flitzer is a great little ride - perfect for taking your kids on. My 4 year old daughter loved it and we gigled the whole way. When we exited there was no problem at all. Its a fun little ride - especially with kids! Highly recommended for families that ride together! (UPDATED Oct 7, 2002: Ok, for the sanity of certain other reviewers here - dont ignore their reviews. Just understand that they represent one persons experience. Go to Moreys, look at the ride, watch other guests enter and exit. Ride it, enjoy it and then understand that those reviews are "sky is falling" knee jerk responses.)

Review Comments

gonchar on 10/3/2002 2:24:22 AM said:
Perhaps I did miss the gap (for the record I saw a gap - a small gap) but on the flip side perhaps you should have paid more attention to your child. I make a point to help my daughter into any ride first before I board, then upon exiting I get out first and can help her from the ride. A little common sense is all it takes to be safe. Go have fun on the Flitzer, people! As far as deaths on this type of ride goes, dont twist the truth. The boy who died in 2001 died due to poor maintenance/operation on a traveling model of the ride. The ride "stopped short" (poor operations) and he hit the unpadded (poor maintenance) front of the car. He died 10 hours later due to internal injuries. It had nothing to do with "a gap" where you load and unload. Moreys Flitzer ride has a spotless record.
gonchar on 10/8/2002 12:09:24 AM said:
Im simply telling people that the ride is as safe as any other...and it is. Its unfortunate that you didnt see the "gap" and fell in or whatever, but most people wont have a single problem with the ride. Heck I didnt see a single person have any problems - everyone seemed to be enjoying the ride very much - no one fell into this mysterious gap, no cars collided, nothing. And even if this gap existed, the loading platform for Flitzer is like 3 or 4 feet off of the ground - how does a 3 foot fall result in death? In fact Im pretty sure (please prove me wrong) that the Flitzer at Moreys has a spotless safety record. I had a bird crap on me once in the Mantis queue at Cedar Point but Im not whining and begging everyone to avoid Mantis because theyll get crapped on. Its an odd incident - so was the one you had on Flitzer. Dont generalize a ride based one experience. The ride is perfectly safe, go ride it and have fun, people.
gonchar on 10/9/2002 1:15:27 PM said:
~You say it is safe, and I and others say it is dangerous. That will never change.~ True, very true. The other thing that wont change is that thousands and thousands of people ride this ride every day and have a lot of fun on it with no injuries or safety issues whatsoever. So if neither of these will change, I guess the discussion is over.
SLFAKE on 10/9/2002 5:10:08 PM said:
Gonchar... The portable Flitzer you are referring to that was involved in the fatal accident in 2001. Was that the one at the York Fair (York PA)? The accident occured on the evening of Monday, Sept 10. I rode the very same Flitzer coaster on Friday, Sept 7. While it did have a tendancy to stop short and suddenly, it was no shorter or more sudden than many other coasters I have experienced. As for the poor maintenace... there are a few parks around with worse looking rides. Not being privy to the exact details of the childs injuries and the sitation... well... lets just put it this way... I am glad that I remained seated until the car came to a full and complete stop... JUST AS YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO. To back up what you said... was it a fault of the coaster design? I doubt that. Operator error? Perhaps. Poor maintenance? Perhaps. But something that all local news stories seemd to by pass... rider error? PERHAPS.

And I guess if we are to take Tagekgs ominous warning of "Thousands will ride with out mashap, but a few will not"... I suppose we should never get on a ride as simple as a carrousel again either, for I am sure that there have been a few who have ridden with a "mishap".
smk on 10/9/2002 10:19:57 PM said:
They must have found some kind of problem with the York Fair Flitzer, or else it was deemed unsafe after the accident in 2001... cuz it wasnt at the Fair this year
SLFAKE on 10/10/2002 9:29:47 AM said:
SMK1800: True, Flitzer wasnt at the fair this year... wich is not surprising. Do you think the fair wanted any reminders of the accident? What would be interesting... is it still traveling with Reigthoffers... or was it just not at the fair?

TAGEKG: First, the carrousel comment. No, you were not talking about carrousels, but using your logic that "Thousands have ridden flitzer coasters with out mishaps, but some have had injuries and even one fatality", you could apply that to just about any mass produced amusement ride. As for reading other posts... I have.
There were 6 I believe... 3 very negative. One of the negative ones was yours. The other gave warnings about Moreys Flitzer because of the York PA fatality. The other simply said "Junk, Horrible". Was this a reference to the safety, or inspired by the two previous negative reviews, or simply someone saying they did not like this ride, or was it in fact because they claim it is unsafe?

As for Moreys Piers Flitzer... no, never rode it (when I was there the line was long and I did not feel like waiting for it), so I can not comment on the "gap" that was supposedly there. However, I happen to agree with Gonchars Oct 7, 2002 update... go there, look for yourself and base it on direct observation other than "knee jerk, sky is falling" reaction of a few. I will also say this... from my visit to Moreys, watching their maintenance and operations, I believe that if this ride was truely "unsafe" it would NOT be operating there. From my observations during my visit, their operation seems to pay more attention to maintenance and safety over many parks and even one park chain.
smk on 10/12/2002 5:49:04 PM said:
thats true SLFAKE. im not sure if the flitzer is still travelling with reightoffers (sp?) i only know that it wasnt at the fair this year. on an unrelated matter-- when you went to the fair, did you see the school campus thats within walking distance of the fair? it can easily be seen from the taller rides (like the big ferris wheel) or maybe you drove past it. the reason im wondering is because thats the high school i go to
Horizons12 on 8/11/2003 11:54:19 PM said:
Oh come on, dont be so overly concerned. Like that anonymous person said you would just get some greese on your leg. I defend the ride too cuz its a good ride! And the only reason you didnt enjoy your vacation was probably because of that ONE mishap. Then you probably judged all the rides as being unsafe with uncaring operators!!! Go back to Moreys Piers when your kids are older, theyll love it then!
Horizons12 on 8/12/2003 12:02:03 AM said:
BTW you said the gap could "literally swallow a child" up there in the comments. What did you do? get out on the wrong side or someting?? jeez.
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