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 Review of Nitro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
-1 Rating Posted by: rentzy187 on 6/26/2002 12:31:00 AM
When I heard B&M and hyper coaster in the same sentence, I thought I was in heaven. Boy was I disappointed. The only thing I like about this coaster was the turn on the top of the second hill and the last few bunny hops. The first drop was lame. The station was boring and the themeing......there was NO themeing. The lack of themeing made the ride even more boring. Yes, Nitro was a good coaster. However, when compared to Superman at SFNE, this ride doesnt even compare.

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B&M Rider on 6/27/2002 12:09:58 AM said:
the first drop, the hammerhead, and the helix were KILLER, but yea, it had almost no airtime
Tucci on 6/28/2002 3:39:35 PM said:
I could count on one hand the amount of Six Flags coasters that actually have notable theming. That said, the first drop in the back row is wild, and although the ride may be not have as much airtime as other hypers, that is comparing it to Intamin hypers. If you were to compare Nitro to other B&M hypers, youd see that Nitro has a great deal of airtime. B&M just makes their hills differently than Intamin. Some like the B&M style, and Id say most, including you, like the Intamin style. I guess B&M cant be the best at everything.
B&M Rider on 6/28/2002 10:15:38 PM said:
yea if only they got some tips from intamin about building hypers before formed their own company
cycopunk on 6/29/2002 10:12:51 PM said:
nitros good
cycopunk on 6/29/2002 10:12:54 PM said:
nitros good vvt
B&M Rider on 6/29/2002 11:30:42 PM said:
VVT? still nobody has told me what that is, id like to know
cycopunk on 7/2/2002 8:47:11 PM said:
ok,"vvt" doesnt mean shat,its just something me and the double f made up
B&M Rider on 7/2/2002 9:34:22 PM said:
sounds like ur having a seizure
daptwa on 7/11/2002 12:16:03 PM said:
Nitro is a great ride
cycopunk on 7/13/2002 12:13:39 AM said:
B&M Rider on 7/13/2002 1:43:47 PM said:
oh yea and what does dueg mean?
cycopunk on 7/20/2002 8:17:32 PM said:
dueg.......dueg just means cool.........dont ask me how or nething but duege
B&M Rider on 7/21/2002 1:16:14 AM said:
cant u just say cool?
NYCTom on 7/21/2002 12:44:08 PM said:
what are you talking about Nitro was awesome and the first drop was not lame. Im sorry but I thought the ride was excellent and you cant compare this to SROS b/c they are totally different coasters.
B&M Rider on 7/21/2002 5:46:16 PM said:
Nah, you can compare it to SROS since theyre both hypers.
daptwa on 7/22/2002 11:46:01 AM said:
of course you can compare them. They are both Hypercoasters. With similar Hights and speed.
NYCTom on 8/10/2002 1:51:06 AM said:
Just because they are hypercoasters does not mean that they are the same I think that both coasters are very different and both are very good coasters
B&M Rider on 8/10/2002 2:43:53 PM said:
true, however, u can compare rides like medusa and the scream machine since they are both mega loopers, even though they are very different, since different companies made them. it is still ok to compare Nitro to SROS since they are both hyper coasters. Nitro has a relatively simple layout while SROS has a complicated layout...but like daptwa said, they are both hypers with similar speeds and heights so they can be compared. But its not good to compare loopers to hypers or any huge coaster with a kiddie coaster
NYCTom on 8/10/2002 4:41:27 PM said:
but Intamin coasters are completely different from B&M coasters. If I were to compare though I would say Nitro was better because it had some great dives and G forces
B&M Rider on 8/10/2002 8:45:15 PM said:
i really cant say which is better, since ive never been on SROS. but think of this...B&M makes medusa, Arrow makes GASM. Both are megaloopers, but they look and feel completely different (different trains, different track design, different smoothness) however, they both are the same type of coaster and have similar height and speed. Thats what makes them comparable. Nitro and SROS are both hypers with similar height and speed, so they can be compared. everyone compares those coasters...a lot. I think there was even a message board post asking for ppls opinions about which is better. you dont have to compare them, but in my opinion i think its ok to
B&M Fan on 8/12/2002 9:14:05 PM said:
This ride is really good but i do agree that the lack of theming does bring this ride down.
B&M Rider on 8/12/2002 10:46:49 PM said:
yea i dont understand y great adventure put NO effort into themeing nitro...they couldve at least put in a tunnel
MightyJoe on 8/13/2002 6:27:24 PM said:
I loved this ride. I was sitting front of the second car. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I kicked out my legs and let go and let the coaster do the rest. Major airtime going over the hills. The ride seemed to go on forever it was beautiful, i just wish i could have gone on it again. (I dont know how people didnt get airtime, they must have been holding on)
rentzy187 on 8/26/2002 12:45:19 AM said:
Nitro is in a crappy place. All you can see is the lift. If congo River Rapids wasnt sucha big ride, they could have taken it out (if it was a smaller attraction), and made it a "Nitro" area. THEMEING!!!
coasterwom on 5/7/2006 10:51:34 PM said:
Nitro is an awesome coaster. This coaster delivers major airtime over the hills, the length was very long, and its very smooth. This is one of my favorite steel coasters. I rode it about 10 times when I visited the park I couldnt get enough of it.
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