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 Review of Acrophobia @ Six Flags Over Georgia
1 Rating Posted by: KKingDanny on 6/19/2002 6:00:00 PM
Well, Ive ridden Drop Zone at PKI dozens of times, blasted up and down Power Tower, Supreme Scream, and countless other vertical towers, but nothing could prepare me for the shear terror this thing forces upon you.

You get onto the bicycle-type seats and pull down your restraints both of which were fairly comfortable. As we rose to the top, I was thinking this couldnt be that bad since its quite a bit shorter than DZ and SS. This should be a piece of cake! The spiraling ascent gives a great view of the park and the original tilt didnt seem all that bad. Who knew that once you reached the top, you would make an extreme tilt and be looking almost straight down at the ground with nothing even closely being able to take your mind off how freaky this stunt was(sorry for the people who got stuck last night!).

The feeling and force your body takes on rivals the intensity and air DZ delivers, but the height truly has an effect on how great it is. This is a real gut-wrencher which Ill think twice before riding again. If any type of ride really gets my blood pumping, these drop rides do it without much work at all. This is one of the scariest ride experiences Ive ever been through and one of the most enerving drops for anticipation. I never make much noise on rides except for the occasional joyous yell such as through the PL on SUF. If you dont scream on this one, youre probably dead. Or maybe just scared stiff.
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