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 Review of Iron Wolf @ Six Flags Great America
-1 Rating Posted by: cooldude on 6/8/2002 4:07:00 AM
There is only one word,OUCH!!!

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SFGAmmer on 3/28/2003 11:38:47 PM said:
Please elaborate
SFGA_fan on 3/28/2003 11:57:47 PM said:
I will elaborate for this poor fellow. First off, I like you am a SFGA fanatic. Ive visited the bark about 40 times over the past couple of years. This ride has not recently been even close to good. It bangs your head and if that werent enough, if your male you feel violated after this ride. This ride either needs some work or needs the boot.
m311ton on 3/29/2003 1:32:07 AM said:
Even if it didnt bang you around, the ride would still suck.
DemonRules on 3/29/2003 12:11:50 PM said:
i disagree with that, m311ton. i think if this ride were void of head banging and nut cracking, it would be a great ride. i think it has a good layout, and if it were comfortable, it would definitely be better.
SFGA_fan on 3/29/2003 1:48:49 PM said:
I dont think it has great layout, it has a loop and a corkscrew and that is it. It is a Stand-Up B&M it should have a a few more than two inversions. The drop, the loop, and the corkscrew are thrilling elements, however the ride needs more than that to be a great ride.
m311ton on 3/29/2003 3:46:26 PM said:
I completely agree with SFGA_fan. The ride is short and the only highlight of the ride is the drop loop and corkscrew. Thats weak. Even if it were smoothe, the ride wouldnt be that fun.
DemonRules on 3/30/2003 10:13:08 AM said:
but you have to keep in mind that it was the first B&M ever built. so you cant be disappointed that it doesnt have dive loops or inclined loops or anything like that. it is a darn good ride when you think that it was the first ever built by a company. i really like, and would go on it every time i go to the park. nut cracking or not.
SFGA_fan on 3/30/2003 11:46:57 AM said:
Yes, a darn good ride for the first one built, well Id rather go on a good ride than the first one built.
DemonRules on 3/30/2003 11:58:48 AM said:
well of course, but you just cant ride it with high expectations.
m311ton on 3/30/2003 2:38:28 PM said:
So what if it was cool a long time ago. That doesnt mean the ride is good. You are like a Chicago Bulls fan, quit living in the past and come to the realization that the ride is horrible. Using the same logic, would you say an origional Ford model T is better than a modern day car just because it was origional?
DemonRules on 3/30/2003 3:44:03 PM said:
no, thats garbage. i can like an old ride, and take it for what it is. i realize that it isnt that good, but heck, i like the Demon, so there is obviously something wrong with me....lol
SFGA_fan on 4/1/2003 8:29:18 AM said:
The Demon is still a very good ride though. Iron Wolf is not. And frankly I dont remember Iron Wolf being a great ride. My dad went on it the first year it opened and said it wasnt very good. So the fact that your saying it was good is actually a lie.
DemonRules on 4/1/2003 9:52:08 PM said:
i can say that it is good if that is my personal opinion. im not saying that everyone will think its good. im just saying that if you got rid of the nut cracking, I THINK it would be a good ride. personal opinion...thats all.
SFGA_fan on 4/1/2003 10:03:27 PM said:
You used to dispise this ride totally, at one time you said, and I qoute "I would rather jump off the track than go on the ride." What is with the change of opinion. Did you feel sorry for the ride?
DemonRules on 4/1/2003 10:23:44 PM said:
no, i am saying that it would be a decent ride without the nut cracking......if i were given the choice to ride it as is, or jump off the track, id probably jump. i was simply saying before that if it were changed, and the nut cracking were eliminated, it would probably be a decent ride.
m311ton on 4/1/2003 11:04:48 PM said:
Whats good about the track layout?
DemonRules on 4/2/2003 6:21:52 PM said:
its got a loop, a corckscrew, and a helix i think. it aint much, but being tucked in the trees adds alot. i dont know, maybe im just wierd, but i think id probably like it alot.
SFGA_fan on 4/2/2003 6:35:59 PM said:
Thats becuase its the only ride of its kind youve been on.
DemonRules on 4/2/2003 7:51:22 PM said:
that may also be true, it is the only stand up i have been on, and i know that there are better. but until i ride something better, am i not allowed to enjoy this one?
SFGA_fan on 4/3/2003 8:21:39 AM said:
There is nothing to enjoy on this ride. The hill is ok, the loop is ok, the rest of the ride sucks. It hurts, and it just isnt fun.
DemonRules on 4/3/2003 5:41:55 PM said:
okay, whatever. i guess im just weird. i think if they could eliminate the bad restraints, this would be a good ride, end of discussion.
SFGA_fan on 4/3/2003 6:55:14 PM said:
The ride would be no more than average if they improved the restraint system. Second, how are the suposed to improve the restraint system, the ride just isnt built well, youre going to get banged up either way.
DemonRules on 4/3/2003 8:11:41 PM said:
if there was a way to put some other type of train besides a stand up, that would improve the ride greatly.
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