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 Review of Raging Bull @ Six Flags Great America
-3 Rating Posted by: algp on 5/15/2002 11:14:00 PM
This is a good solid Hyper. but it is not as good as some of the others that I have ridden like MF, Magnum, and S:ROS. I think it is a little heavy on the trims.

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stifler068 on 5/26/2002 12:23:43 AM said:
u dumb ass - millennium force is a gigacoaster not a hypercoaster!!!!! :p
B&M Rider on 5/26/2002 9:04:56 AM said:
MF is both, it is a hypercoaster since it has lots of hills, no inversions, its very tall, etc. but it is also a gigacoaster because thats what intamin calls their coasters that r higher than 300 feet. so maybe u shouldnt be so quick to call someone a dumbass
BobaFett on 3/13/2003 10:46:10 PM said:
I dont agree with the "dumbass" part, but common man, you think this is a good solid hyper and youre giving it a 6!, thats like giving a good report for school a D-. If you think its just "good", give it atleast a 7
SFGA_fan on 3/14/2003 10:32:54 AM said:
This is a solid ride. The drop is incredible especially from the back seat. The rest of the ride is pretty intense and very smooth. What is not to like. It is not as good as millenium force, and i havent been on S;Ros, but I like the ride on Raging Bull better than the ride on Magnum, but magnum offers a much better view.
DemonRules on 3/14/2003 2:02:21 PM said:
i dont understand what you dont like about this ride. it gives great air time, the first drop is great, the speed is tremendous the whole way through, and it is super smooth
sfgam2k4 on 4/25/2004 3:41:58 AM said:
I agree with pretty much all of your other reviews and your top 10 so I dont understand how you cant like thid ride....have you sat in the front and back?
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