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 Review of Kraken @ Sea-World Florida
0 Rating Posted by: ?????????? on 3/21/2002 10:05:00 PM
IF Kraken was in IOA it would be way better than the Hulk, Some peolpe (mostly teens) get the interpretation of Sea World being a park for the kids... a gentle park.. Sea World does not attract many teens because your paying full price only to do 2 rides.. the rest of the day your like.. Damn its hot.... but if it was in IOA way more people would be riding Kraken. There it would truly get the attention this classic rollecoaster deserves!

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Sephiroth7 on 3/22/2002 3:56:14 PM said:
If Kraken were at IOA, it still wouldnt get the attention Hulk gets. Hulk is in a league of its own....
B&M Rider on 3/22/2002 6:12:52 PM said:
im not so sure of that. even though hulk is advertised more, kraken would come in a close second with dueling dragons. also, kraken is smoother, taller, faster, longer, and its floorless.
rocketman23 on 3/22/2002 6:44:02 PM said:
I enjoy it where it is now. It is like a private coaster, lines are always short...
Sephiroth7 on 3/22/2002 11:47:33 PM said:
Faster? Yes. Taller? Yes. But in reality...numbers are just numbers. Both are great coasters and both in my top ten, its just Kraken does not have a launch, which I and many others prefer to climbing a hill. Also, the inversions are huge and the ride is pretty damn smooth as well. Floorless is the worst gimmick ever on a coaster, though its certainly not a negative thing. All and all I think the Hulk takes loopers to the next level. Kraken is great, its just not "amazing"...and if Kraken were at IOA it would defintitily get dead last in popularity...theres nothing that seperates it enough from other floorless rides....
DJBLADE on 3/23/2002 12:37:42 PM said:
I think Kraken IS amazing, but again, but Hulk has taken loopers to another dimension. Put it like this,Hulk is Madonna and Kraken is Britney Spears. Simplified a little more?
B&M Rider on 3/23/2002 12:58:31 PM said:
floorless is awesome!!! all the best rides have floorless designs! (BKF, Medusa) plus if ur in the front row, u feel like ur flying and that the track is coming at u! ive never felt a better feeling than that on a looper. id rather have floorless than inverted, sitdown, or standup. id rather have a ride thats smooth as glass than a ride with a launch. id rather have a ride with a killer ending than a ride with only one measly corkscrew after the brake run, and id rather have a ride that dives underground twice than a ride that starts in a tunnel. sure, the hulk is great, but if the hulk were as smooth as karken and had an ending as exciting as krakens, then ive love it. but for now, kraken is my favorite ride by far.
Sephiroth7 on 3/23/2002 6:53:44 PM said:
Krakens ending is great, but Hulks is good too...its overshadowed by the AWESOME beginning. The Hulk is about as smooth as they go. Kraken is slightly smoother, but not enough difference to make me care really. Floorless is BS! You dont get any added effect with it. The cars are EXACTLY THE SAME, except there is no floor on Kraken. Im sorry...but having your feet dangle instead of on the ground is pointless. It doesnt add anything to the ride. I would much rather have the layout of the Hulk, then some stupid floorless gimmick. But once again, thats not to say Kraken has a bad layout, just the inversions arent in the same league....
B&M Rider on 3/24/2002 11:26:55 AM said:
i dunno about the inversions, is there a diving loop on the hulk? they couldve done better with the inversions, considering theres a limited variety of inversions on the hulk. sure, the zero-g roll on the hulk is killer, but the roll on kraken owns all. kraken is DEFINITELY in the same league as hulk, although it is arguably better, and the floorless trains make u feel like ur flying if ur in the front row, u just need to put ur arms and legs out. And sure, the hulks beginning is awesome, but having the same amount of excitement throughout the ride is one of the main keys to making a great ride. Many ppl say the hulks ending is just overshadowed by its beginning, but it can also be overshadowed by many other ride endings, such as krakens. so i really dont think the hulks ending (one corkscrew) can live up to the great endings other b&m coasters have (interlocking corkscrews, loop and corkscrew, figure-8 finale). so if the ending had more than just one corkscrew, then in my opinion it would be better than kraken, but it still isnt as good. did i mention krakens silky-smooth track?
Sephiroth7 on 3/25/2002 1:42:01 PM said:
Well...I actually like the ending of the Hulk...if you remember you actually get airtime (!) after the brakes. Then you get a decent helix and a corkscrew. Theres no arguing which has the better ending...Kraken does. Its funny...cuz outside the Hulk, Kraken is my next favorite B+M. I mean the ride is great and it does have awesome inversions. The dive loop is incredible, the drop is the best on any B+M in the world, the layout is great, the ride is smooth...this all I totally agree. But the Hulk has the BEST groll in the world HANDS down. The cobra roll is ABSOULTELY HUGE...biggest I have ever seen, and the layout from there on in is just awesome too...its well paced and smooth just as Kraken is. I mean really...the rides are so close its very possible for someone to like one better then the other. I love launches, B+Ms, zero g rolls, and big inversions...thats probably why I like the Hulk. You seem to love how smooth Kraken is and the ending resulting in your choice being Kraken...but in the end Hulk still would be on top if Kraken were at IOA along side it...
B&M Rider on 3/26/2002 3:50:06 PM said:
i do really like the hulk too, check out my top 10, but i did get some head-banging on the hulk, and kraken was the only ride where i have never banged my head on anything, not even just a little tap on the OTSRs. it just completely surprised me and its what made me love B&M so much. but i still disagree about the hulks zero-g roll, i still think krakens is better, probably cuz it doesnt give u butterflies. Still, i have to agree, hulks cobra roll is better, but i also loved krakens straight drop, since it gave me that free-fall sensation. the hulk i thought wasnt as well-paced as krakens inversions, since they didnt come one after the other. id probably like hulk better if it didnt have that helix surrounding the tunnel, and just had the first vertical loop go straight into the corkscrew. but otherwise, hulk is my second favorite coaster.
Sephiroth7 on 3/27/2002 3:04:54 PM said:
Yea its a kinda pointless discussion considering we both love both the rides...I still disagree with ur zero g thing tho...I think the Hulks is much better...hell I think Medusas was better then Kraken...but whatever we said what we had to say...let move on
B&M Rider on 3/27/2002 8:45:22 PM said:
aiite, i was just setting up an argument cuz i was bored, and i got some good points along the way
Sephiroth7 on 3/28/2002 12:46:41 PM said:
So did I... :upto:
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